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Supernatural: The Great Escapist Review

It's Scribe Time!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Supernatural has frequently been critiqued about how the season's story arc gets hardly touched until the last few episodes, and this season was no different. This week the main story finally got a major push forward, and it, as expected, was so awesome.

Here we thought that Kevin just freaked out and went deeper into hiding the last time we saw him, but it appears that last visit from Crowley wasn't a hallucination after all. I thought the king's idea to disguise two demons as Sam and Dean to learn more about the tablets was a very impressive idea. Even more impressive was that Kevin actually caught onto it... well, actually it wasn't very impressive since those two goons were awful impersonators and were far too polite. He was so cowardly the last time we saw Kevin too, but he suddenly, as Dean would put it, grew a pair this week. I don't think taunting the king of hell is a good idea, but it was fun to watch.

Castiel was back this week too, although his experience was far less favourable. I never thought I would say this, but Naomi might be even more evil than Crowley; I don't even think Crowley would have gone so far as to kill everyone running a restaurant to catch Cas, he probably would have had his demons take over everyone instead. While her methods may have been more extreme, he still proved to be the smarter one. Come on, angel killing bullets; only Crowley would create something like that. He even figured out where the Cas put the tablet when Naomi couldn't! Hell 2, Heaven 0. Too bad for him that his pet wasn't smart enough to keep his guard up. I can only imagine his fury when he finds out both his prisoners are gone.

Always ready to hunt those annoying pigeons

The brothers also had an interesting time, thanks to Kevin's failsafe (that kid thought of everything), and Sam remembering really obscure symbols from his time in school. Honestly, their quest to find Metatron (no not Megatron the Transformer, Metatron the angel) took a completely unexpected direction; although it wasn't that it bad, just unexpected. The biggest curve-ball came when Sam figured out that his illness isn't really an illness, but something that is purifying him... and somehow allowing him to remember his very early childhood. Seriously, what kind of toddler would think about being unable to complete noble quests because he was unclean (because he somehow knew he was different due to his demon blood)? Just when I thought these brothers couldn't be any more damaged...

Metatron himself was also different from I expected. I love deep and rich stories too, but I think I will be picturing him in my head the next time someone calls someone a bookworm. I loved his comments on us humans and our stories, but his story about what happened after the angel's daddy left them was something we should have known ages ago. I'm a bit disappointed that Sam had to force him into action, but now that he's part of it, I don't think it will be a problem in the future. Just how powerful is he anyway? After his amazing prophet rescue, I am starting to wonder if there is anything he can't create or erase.

So now that everyone is finally back together again, and the final trial is about to begin... but at what cost? We all knew that something unexpected was going to happen by closing the gates, but from what our Scribe of God said to Dean, the price must be quite high; they are changing God's design. Is it possible that closing one door will cause another to open up, like one to Purgatory? Also, who knows how many tablets are out there, and each one might have a door that needs to be closed for Earth to truly be safe from holy and unholy interference. There are so many possibilities of what could happen, so it's probably safer if we just wait until the season finale, or when Supernatural returns in the fall, to find out.

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