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Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever Review

Feed the Fear

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


There is something about episodes involving Felicia Day's Charlie this season that makes them stand out amongst the rest, and Pac-Man Fever was no different.

After being rescued by Sam and Dean the first few times, apparently she started doing some research into their lives, found the books that chronicled their earlier adventures, and dove into the lore of their world. Hell, she even made an app that catalogues all the known demons so they can easily cross off potential threats, and brought them a new case.

The feature creature this week was a special Djinn with a nasty side effect of liquefying their prey's insides. Yummy. The identity of the monster was a bit too obvious, but everything else was fantastic, including Charlie's blundering at real-life role playing, Sam's refusal to be sidelined, and the game stuck in an infinite loop.

This wasn't only about crazy Djinn killing people, it also explored the back story of Charlie. Normally we only know what happened after most of the characters crossed paths with Sam and Dean, so getting this much history is fantastic. Although, her past was definitely not very fantastic, but it does explain the choices she has made in past run-ins with the brothers, as well as pointing out the importance of parents reading to their children, which is sadly something few parents bother with anymore.

Demon's beware! There's a new huntress on the town!

So now she is an honorary Women of Letters, which hopefully means she will be returning several more times in the future... and maybe even as a major character next season? Please? That would be awesome, especially since she is close enough to Dean to be considered family now; she's like the sister they never had. If Sam doesn't survive this, she would also make a damn good replacement.

My only real complaint was that the promos for the episode made it seem like Charlie's game would be the majority of the episode, when it was only a very small part of it. Sure, the episode was great as it was, but it likely caused some viewers to be disappointed. Not a problem with the episode, but just very questionable advertising.

Unlike past Charlie episodes, this week wasn't just all fun and games, and did a fantastic job at keeping the story both dark and fun at the same time; most episodes normally only focus on one or the other. I hope that the writers keep these types of stories coming as it makes this series feel fresh, even though Supernatural is about to go onto its ninth season.

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