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Supernatural: Taxi Driver Review

To Hell and Back Again

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The quest to close the Gates of Hell has finally resumed again, and this time it brought even more fan favourites!

Of course, where would the quest be without Kevin? I love how he as continued to work behind the scenes so much this season, but it unfortunately has taken a toll on his mind. I am sure concentrating on a demon tablet all day will make someone a bit nervous, but what happened to Kevin is far beyond that. I have no idea what they will do without him, especially with Sam's deteriorating condition. Perhaps it would have been better to wait until they knew all the steps before taking the first one, no?

Although, without the trials, we would never have had two legends return this week, so it definitely worth it, for us anyway!

I still think that Sam making Dean push Benny away was a huge mistake, especially since he had so much of promise as a hunter. Who knows, maybe if he stayed with them he would have found enough of a reason to stick around. He did, after all, prove how loyal of a friend he was, to both Sam and Dean. I really hope this wasn't a final goodbye.

He's been through so much, but yet he's still the same old Bobby.

Bobby was even more a sight! Ever since he was sent packing this series just hasn't been the same. Supernatural needs someone like him, and so far, none of the current characters have been able to fill the void. At least he was back for this one episode, and it was awesome reunion. I almost cheered when he said 'balls' when he learnt what was happening. Better yet, that old hunter never missed a step and even made Sam look like an amateur when killing demons. It is too bad he is gone again, but they might still find a loophole or something to bring him back. If he is in heaven, and they are getting less friendly again, maybe he will start a revolt or something.

I am still thinking that Naomi and Crowley may be working together on something, even after what happened this week. After everything that Naomi has done to our Cas, there is no reason for us, or the Winchesters, to trust her. I am curious what her goal is, though.

So now the brothers are left to their own devices again, so I guess we can expect the next couple of episodes, when Supernatural returns on April 24th, to be regular old jobs again... as regular as we can expect when Charlie shows up. Let the games continue!

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