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Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger Review

Occulta Angelus Tabula

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


It's been three weeks since the last episode of Supernatural, and while it felt like we spent months in repeat hell waiting for its return, 'Goodbye Stranger' made it worth it.

Our favourite angel in a trench coat has been away for long time, but it looks like we didn't want to know what he was up to. As much as I love Amanda Tapping's work in other series, her character, Naomi, may be turning into one of the most hated villains this series has ever had, and with the long list of them, that says a lot!

Every time Castiel lied, it made me hate Naomi even more, and every time he struck his friend, it was like all of our favourite memories of our noble angel were being shattered in our hearts. We should have all known this was going to happen after the last time we saw him, although it didn't make his actions any easier to swallow. At least we had a place to redirect our hatred. It was great to see him again at least, but who knows if he will ever return; I hope this wasn't goodbye.

So long Castiel! Don't be a stranger!

Castiel wasn't the only returning favourite through, Meg was back too. Of all the past demon's she has always been my favourite. It wasn't because she was helping the boys either, it was how you always knew that she would do whatever she wanted, regardless of who she angered in the process. She was a true neutral, a perfect companion for our hunters, and now it looks like she is gone. If she is toast, at least she went in style; fighting for what she believed in against the king himself. I especially enjoyed her and Sam's talk, which may have opened Sam's eyes and let him take the coming trials with a clear head.

When the fight was over, and the pawns all cleared out, we were teased with one of the best shots yet; Naomi and Crowley together. It really showed how similar angels and demons are in this series. Despite their difference in powers and transportation methods, they both equally terrifying and evil, well, from our perspective anyway. It makes me wonder if they are they working toward the same goal; it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe it, especially with what Naomi is doing in Heaven.

Now the brothers are on their own again, with nothing to take back as a prize. In one action-packed mission, they lost two allies and lost the only major weapon they had to protect themselves from Naomi's wrath. It is looking more and more likely that the next season will be another war with Angels, and with Castiel gone, it may be their toughest fight yet. Of course, it will be even worse if they don't close hell this season, and due the rate they are completing the trials, I am beginning to wonder if it will be done.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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