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Supernatural: Remember the Titans Review

Behold the Wrath of Zeus

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

Supernatural has ventured into the old gods in past episodes, but those pitiful gods are nothing compared to the ones that made an appearance this week.

"Remember the Titans" revolved around Prometheus and his curse which made the brothers suspect that the zombie apocalypse was lurking in the near future. The ability to resurrect every day sounds like an amazing power, but getting his eight hours of dead time a day doesn't sound like an equal trade-off.

The other gods were far more interesting, even if they had less screen-time. Artemis, yes the same ones the hunters pray too, was a serious bad-ass. I loved how she got into a fight with almost everyone, including Sam and Dean. Although, Zeus, yes the god of thunder himself, was even more amazing with the awesome blue lightning and cocky attitude. I'm just surprised with their incredible powers that we haven't seen them around until now.

However, despite all the kick-ass fighting and powers, the ending wasn't as great. I really hated that Prometheus' lover was so stupid and irresponsible and really wished that Zeus just killed her, like Crowely would have, but I guess that would have created an orphan. I am sure his adopted parents would have been better than she showed herself to be anyway. Also, was anyone glad that two children got to see their father's die at the same time? I wonder if little Oliver will grow up and become like the Almighty Johnsons.

Who needs hands to cast force lightning when you can use your feet?

I really hope that Artemis does return in future episodes, and in a battle that is epic enough to be worthy of her character. The battle with Zeus ended way to easy.

I also really liked how they used the Men of Letters base to bring everyone together while they figured out their next plan. It is a bit odd that they let clients into their new home before their friends, like Garth.

Sam's prayer to Castiel at the end was a great prologue to the upcoming finale episodes, but it left me wondering if Cas could even enter the place. After all, I would assume that they would have secured the place to prevent unwanted fiends from entering, so there may be hidden signs to prevent angels and demons from entering. I know if I was building a secret base for monster hunters, I would ensure that nothing potentially threatening could show up and tear the place apart.

While the episode was obviously another filler episode until the Closing the Gates to Hell story continues, "Remember the Titans" was a good one. Sure it had its problems, but it was much more entertaining than their encounter with the hell hound, plus it introduced yet a new potential ally.

Now we have something even worse than filler episodes to contend with until March 20th, repeats. I never did understand why networks choose to forcibly extend the series for so long. A week break for a holiday or award show is understandable, but this is just silly.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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