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Supernatural: Man's Best Friend with Benefits Review

Which Witch is Which?

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


'Man's Best Friend with Benefits' started like any other classic Supernatural episode, but it quickly returned to the shades of grey stories we've all grown to count on.

I love how the brothers are starting to trust supernatural forces more often lately. It isn't just about hunting and killing anyone caught up in the mess, instead they are making powerful friends along the way. This week it was a witch and his dog / familiar. Of course his familiar is a smoking hot chick, which steams up the scene very well (as if the CW would have it any other way).

This series has explored the realm of demons thoroughly throughout the years, but only the dark side of witchcraft was shown, until now. The entire witches bar was very well done and almost added a sense of fantasy to this primarily horror series. This isn't the first time this series has dived into the realm of fantasy this season, which I am really enjoying.

What a good little doggie...

For some reason, I immediately suspected James' friend Spencer as being the reason behind the dreams and killing, partially because that was the only other character who we were exposed to in the earlier parts of the episode, so his reveal wasn't surprising, but it was still fun. Who doesn't love a magic fight in the middle of a bar? I was hoping for a bit more than a few orbs of light though. Would lightning and fire shooting out of their finger tips have really cost that much?

I also loved the use of the flashbacks during the witch fight as a reminder of everything that the brothers have been through since the beginning, but something tells me that their future is far from cherry. Perhaps the nose bleed was a giveaway... In the end, the brothers have two more supernatural friends to add to the mix. With so many introduced lately, I have a feeling that one of the trials, probably the last one, will require everyone to come together.

Overall, like most of non-horror themed episodes this season, 'Man's Best Friend with Benefits' was a real treat. The gods must be on our side or something.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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