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Supernatural: Trial and Error Review

Time to Put the Dog Down

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The time has finally come for the trials to close the gate of hell. Sadly, it didn't start out as awesome as it should have.

You know what was awesome? Dean's new room. That was a real Hunters room, especially compared to those sleazy hotels they have been staying at for the past years. I am surprised that others haven't joined them there yet, like Garth. Wouldn't that place be perfect for Hunter HQ?

Once they left their new home, things felt oddly familiar. Kevin being silly Kevin, the brothers disagreeing on who gets to do what, and people making really messed up deals. Yup, just another normal episode of Supernatural.

There were a few things that really irked me though. Why would Sam leave the two people who he was protecting to follow a sound? How is it that the brothers could see clearly though glasses that they just happened to find after waving them through a flame? I would have expected that the prescription would mess up their perfect eyesight, no? How about the demon; did they have to use the big C? Have they killed of so many demons that they have to resort to him? Also, using the people who may or may not have made a deal as bait was really shady, especially since they were never even mentioned after they figured out who actually did it. Sure they have done some bad things for good reasons before, but they went a too far this time.

On the plus side, the Hell Hounds looked fantastic, and we an end is now in sight for this gate slamming story. You know the case ended well when one of the boys get covered in blood.

I was expecting so much more from 'Trial and Error'. This felt more like a normal monster hunting episode than something with huge consequences. I hope that the next challenges will be a bit more challenging than just dog hunting.

Reviewer's Rating: 2.5/5

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