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Supernatural: Everybody Hates Hitler Review

Golem Smash!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

Two episodes in a row starting in the past; this time it was Vitsyebsk, Belarus, 1944.

As if it wasn't it bad enough that Nazis were men who wanted to take over the world, but now they had necromancers too? These Thule are real bad-asses who have the ability to burn someone alive from a distance, teleport, and resurrect themselves. Essentially, they are the true villains of the Men of Letters story. Smart, resourceful, powerful, and, as far as we can tell, they don't work with demons, meaning once the Gates of Hell are closed, these guys will still be strong.

They do have one weapon which seems to work very well against them, a golem from World War 2. If these things were so amazing, why didn't they have more golems to protect themselves? Perhaps the bros will learn how create more of these to help protect the world. Of course, that was probably all in the book that our young Rabi smoked. *sigh*

I also really like how the Men of Letters has suddenly become such a huge part of the brothers' lives after just being mentioned in one episode. From what we have seen, it appears the brothers may be splitting into two anyway: Sam the Man of Letters and Dean the Hunter. This change could be very beneficial once their prophet finishes figuring out how to lock the doors and throw away the key to hell.

How I love a good story.

Although, I wonder if that will ever happen, and if it does, what of Heaven? I doubt that Naomi is going to be a nice little angel again. Perhaps the next season will be mainly about fighting Angels and Thule. Actually, that sounds like a nice little change from all the demon slaying the last few seasons have been about.

Mixed within all the golem bashing and Nazi killing, there were a few humorous remarks, but overall it was a much darker story than the last few. I guess every story can't be about time travel and LARPing.

Overall, "Everyone Hates Hitler" was just as fun as the title suggested, and opened so many doors for future episodes and seasons... if the cards are played right. I would love to see their new home to be the base for Hunters and Men of Letter in the future, so I hope it doesn't get torched in the coming battles.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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