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Supernatural: As Time Goes By Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

The Tale of Grandpa Winchester

We've heard the tale a dozen times, how Dean and Sam's grandpa bailed on their dad so was forced to fight by himself. Now we know how it really went, and it wasn't very pretty. "As Time Goes By" starts the fast pace at the very beginning, since dealing with Demons are very deep in the family business, even if it wasn't always demon hunting.

The idea that their grandfather Henry, played by Gil McKinney, jumped forward in time to protect a box from a Demon Knight named Abbadon, played by Alaina Huffman, was a really fresh idea for the series. It may not have been the first time that time travel was used in the series, but normally it is the brothers travelling, not their ancestors.

I really liked Henry's character. He wasn't so beaten around the edges like the hunters; instead he was more scholarly and refined. Too bad the Men of Letters aren't around anymore since it would have really changed the outcome of the past few seasons. I thought Bobby knew a lot, but he would have been considered an idjit by these guys. Perhaps we can get a change in the series where the boys hunt down the knowledge left by this elite group to give them a better handle on the whole angel and demon dilemma. Sounds better than a kid cramming information from a tablet.

The time travel gags surrounding Henry were great as well. Who didn't love the computer and the phone jokes?

It wouldn't be a Supernatural episode without the villain, and what a villain it was. Abbadon was still a demon, but much harder to kill and had a few new tricks. I especially loved the way she was able to grab memories from people. Even with her state at the end, I hope that they somehow get her to return in future episodes.

Even though this series has returned to the darker stories, I am thankful that they have kept some more light-hearted humour in the episode. If they keep up with this balance, and continue adding to the lore and mythology, this series may still have a few more years left in it.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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