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Supernatural: LARP And The Real Girl Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

The Queen and the Fairy

This season has been primarily been about heartbreak, corrupted angels, and demons trying to take over the world; pretty dark stuff. This week is nothing like that. After everything that they have been through, this was as close to R&R that Sam and Dean are going to get.

I am so glad the writers decided to bring back Felicia Day as Charlie again. Sure, I enjoy the actor, but her character was like a light-hearted Dean, which brought a well needed dynamic to the story. Once again, she brought the same joy, only this time it was turned up to 11! There is no doubt about it, they need to bring her back more often, especially due their dwindling stock of recurring characters.

There is something about having Sam and Dean playing around with foam swords and reciting lines from Braveheart that felt so refreshing. Sure, they were completely out of their element, and obviously loving it, especially Dean, but far too often they have been taking their job so seriously that it has been harmful to their own relationship. All work and no play make Sam and Dean two angry grouches.

Even the monster at the end of the tunnel was fun and fresh. Normally it would have been a new demon, or witch, causing chaos for their own enjoyment, but not an imprisoned fairy forced to do evil by a man who just wanted to be closer to another LARPer. I know some people take games seriously, but this was just... wow!

Many Supernatural fans will quickly point out that "LARP and the Real Girl" isn't even a real Supernatural episode, or one that they are used to. This episode was very silly and filled with several references to other TV series, movies and video games, with small hints of fantasy thrown in. If it wasn't for Sam and Dean, this episode could easily have been from Lost Girl. Definitely not what this series has been about in the past, but it shows what this series may need to become.

After 8 seasons, the whole serious demon hunting is starting to get old, so a new change has been needed for a while now. This season we have already had a Looney Toon episode, and now LARPing, both of which are definitely the most entertaining so far. Perhaps this is a sign that it is time for Sam and Dean to hang up their frowns and to start having some fun again while saving the world. If they start enjoying their work again, they might be able to put their past problems behind them.

What do you think readers? Is it time for this series to start having some fun and change into something more goofy, or do you enjoy the more serious and dark episodes more?

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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