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Supernatural: Torn and Frayed Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Angel Torture 101

Last we left the Winchesters they were feuding, and this episode was more of the same, only with more angels and demons.

Castiel, Samandriel (aka Alfie) and Naomi all returned this week, along with Crowley, but all that power wasn't put to any substantial work until the last 20 minutes of the episode. Cas was healing babies, Alfie had his head in a vice, and Naomi pulled strings; not very exciting. The only real interesting part was near the end where it was revealed that Naomi is much more than just a bossy angel, and that there is one more new tablet. We don't know what these mean yet, but it doesn't look good for anyone.

While part of me is glad Sam and Dean have finally called a truce by the end of the episode, the rest is screaming in agony. Why couldn't they just accept their lives instead of causing each other to sacrifice so much? Amelia probably would have accepted Sam's job, and Benny likely could have been a great ally in their fight, but instead we are stuck with two brothers doing their job alone again.

Sam's time with Amelia this episode was interesting, until it was revealed that everything about her throughout this entire season was a complete waste of time. If they weren't going to do something interesting with her, why did they even bother spending so much time building her character? Same goes for Dean's relationship with Benny. There is going to be a lot of very upset fans unless they do something good with them in the future.

I'm really not impressed with this series return. The story is more of the same, many of the story lines appear to be dropped, and the twists were frustrating. The writers had better have some amazing new things planned for the brothers because more of the same just isn't going to cut it any more. A new larger cast would have been a great change and would have allowed more character growth and more diverse plots. At least this should stop the constant bickering that made up the first half of this season.

Reviewer's Rating: 2/5


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