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Supernatural: Citizen Fang Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Being a Vampire Ain't Always Great

We all knew that Dean's new buddy Benny was going to cause problems for the brothers, but did they really have to drag crazy Martin into it too?

Despite all the crazy ramblings of a madman, it was obvious from the start the Benny wasn't the killer, but that didn't hold Sam back. I wonder if this was just revenge for what Dean did to his friend during the last season since his new kill anything that moves attitude doesn't feel right otherwise. I hope this is going to be the end of Sam's mistrust of him, but I doubt that we are that lucky.

I never cared for Martin, but his actions this episode made me cheer for his death more than any other character in this series' history. I am pleased with the ending, but they couldn't make him suffer more, like have him turn, then the brothers take him out for being a monster?

Sam's flashbacks felt even more out-of-place than normal this episode, but when the call came, it made so a little more sense. I understand that they needed to get his back story told before this event, but I still believe that they could have done it better. I don't think Dean is going to like the outcome of his actions this time either. Sure, he got Sam off his friends tail, but at what cost.

I really hoped that the return of Cas was going to stop all this feuding, but it wasn't meant to be. This series works best when they have each other's backs, so this conflict needs to end one way or another to allow the best of this series to shine again. Even a Dean and Benny team up would be better than the constant bickering.

"Citizen Fang" was far from the best of this series, but it could have been much, much worse. Let's just hope that next time we see Mr. Fangs, it will be on a much less conflicted setting.

Reviewer's Rating: 3/5


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