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Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

One for the Inner Kid.

This week's episode went a little looney on us. We didn't get a Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Space Jam episode with cartoon characters in our world, but we did get a bleed-through effect that changed the rules of the game dramatically.

It has been a while since something other than a monster or something evil got the brothers' attention, so this story was an extra bonus. Using someone with powerful abilities, who was an ally for the Winchesters, as a catalyst was a great way to change it up. This could easily have been the trickster, or some other prankster god having some fun, so kudos to the writers for not going that route.

The use of this warped reality was very creative too. The classic gags were all there; guns only shooting out a bang flag, falling only after looking down, a frying pan leaving a face impression, hearts jumping out of someone's body when in love, being able to draw an object and use it, and even the falling anvil on the X. There were a few great ones missing, but most of them were covered very well, Looney Toon sound effects and all.

There was a downside to all this looney behaviour; the creepy, dark and deadly feel of this series was completely gone. It is due to this that there will be fans that will find this the worst episode ever. It requires a love of cartoons, or still remembering one's childhood, to get the most out of this episode. For a viewer who has lost that childhood attitude, this could have easily been just another cartoon that replaced their favourite show.

This odd episode did make for the perfect time to reveal more of Castiels' tricks, and tricks he certainly has. His body sniffing, radio receiving and kitty interrogations were impressive, and hilarious. His interpretation of Wilie and the Roadrunner was also well done, and puts a whole new spin on those cartoons. How did the writers put that together anyway?

The most interesting part of Cas' life since his return is Naomi, and that has been just small little flashes of information so far. I hope that they build on it more so it isn't just useless filler in the future episodes. Send him on some real missions for heaven, add some real conflict between heaven and Cas, and, for heaven's sake, get Amanda Tapping out from behind that desk.

The only part I didn't enjoy was Sam's flashbacks; they really took out of the hilarity of the episode, and thus didn't fit in at all. Sure, we learnt more about what happened to him in Dean's absence, but it cut in at the oddest times, often breaking up the story when it shouldn't have. It fit in with the "living in a dream world" part of the story, but it felt like it was tacked on instead of adding to what was going on. Sam tried to have a normal life, we got that. If they aren't going anywhere with it, other than telling his story, they should have just left it out, and if he is going to return to her, tell it quickly then. As the story is currently, it isn't working for this series.

"Hunteri Heroici" was a very entertaining episode with more laughs than the entire past season. There were still some questionable additions, and parts that needed some work, but overall it was a great episode.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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