We travel to the future, the past and the nightmares in between


Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici Cast

Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester


  Liane Balaban Amelia
  Misha Collins Castiel
  Catherine Lough Haggquist Detective Glass
  Greg Webb Dr. Dwight Mahoney
  Mike Farrell Fred Jones
  Andrew Zacher Gary Frieling
  Lisa Marie Digiacinto Mrs. Frieling
  Amanda Tapping Naomi
  Lisa Chandler Olivia Kobble
  Bryce Hodgson Orderly
  Maxine Miller Sheila Tate
  Brian Markinson Stan Thompson
  Faustino Di Bauda Suicide Jumper


  Paul Edwards Director
  Andrew Dabb Writer

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