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Supernatural: A Little Slice Of Kevin Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

After a huge Kevin hiatus, the tablet mission is back with a plethora of surprises.

I was sad to see Kevin go so early in the season, but now that he is back I think it may have been best for him to stay away. From my earlier impression, he appeared to have grown into a person who was all knowledgeable about demons and willing to do what was needed to stop them, but now he gives in after just a little finger? I am very disappointed in this revelation, but it should make things much more interesting for the hunters in the future episode.

Kevin wasn't the only return, and thankfully this one was very much worth it. Cas is back and showing off some new moves, and some new friends. While there is still much that wasn't explained, like how the others rescued him, or what they are looking for, many of the questions about Dean's escape were answered.

Amanda Tapping's new role appears to be a boring desk job so far. I was hoping for something with a bit more action, but any chance to see the "Queen of Sci-Fi" back on TV, since Sanctuary was canned, is very welcome. I hope her future appearances will reveal more of her character and get her out of her shiny office.

I am very glad that there was no bickering brothers this week. There were still a few glances every so often, but nothing more. Perhaps Castiel's return will help end the feuding that has been getting worse since his departure last season.

Crowley was awesome this week. The King of Hell is really getting into the attitude that befits his character, gruesome deaths and all. I was expecting a bit more from Cas and Crowley's showdown, especially after they both drew weapons, but the end result was still entertaining.

There was one part of the entire episode that didn't make any sense to me. When FBI Agents Sam and Dean arrived to question the formally possessed mother, why was she afraid of them? She should have been happy to see two federal agents looking for her missing son, but yet she was cowering behind a door, seemingly hiding or protecting something. I guess she didn't love her boy that much.

This episode had everything it needed to make a perfect episode, but a few questionable choices with Kevin and his mother, as well as the odd interview, kept "A Little Slice From Kevin" from reaching its full potential.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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