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Supernatural: What's Up Tiger Mommy

Episode Summary

Kevin talks Sam and Dean into checking in on his mother. When they arrive, they see that Crowley has surrounded her with demons so they rescue her and take her along on their quest to find the tablet. However, they soon discover Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said his mother was a strong-willed woman after she tries to take on Crowley.

Source: The CW


If "What's Up Tiger Mommy" is any indication, Supernatural has finally got its groove back. While this didn't return to the standard monster hunting that made up the first few seasons, it brought back much of what the series has been missing over the last year.

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Starring Cast

Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester
Osric Chau Kevin Tran
Mark Sheppard Crowley
Lauren Tom Mrs Tran

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Supernatural: What's Up Tiger Mommy Image
Supernatural: What's Up Tiger Mommy Image
Supernatural: What's Up Tiger Mommy Image

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