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Supernatural: We Need to Talk About Kevin Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

New Words

This season premiere brought back many things which fans love about the series, but it would have been nice to get some answers first.

Last we saw Dean, he was stuck in Purgatory with Castiel, but somehow he has escaped and returned to his life as if nothing had changed. After being surrounded by evil creatures for a year I would expect that he would have changed a lot more that what he is showing. Instead we just have plain old Dean.

We don't even know what really happened to Cas, or how Dean escaped. We do know he has a new vampire buddy named Benny who snagged a ride back to Earth. I expected that most of the first episode would have been about his great escape, but sadly we will be stuck with intermittent flashbacks to fill the void. Far too many series do this now, and very few do it properly. One episode isn't enough to tell, so let's just hope they don't mess it up.

Sam, on the other hand, did go through a lot of changes over the year Dean was gone. He settled down, found a girl and a dog, and lived a happy life for a change. What I don't understand is why he threw it all away so quickly. Sure, his brother was back, but when Dean settled down, he struggled with letting it go. I hope as the season progresses Sam shows some conflicting emotions about leaving his “normal life” for Dean. I can understand why Dean was pissed at him though.

Kevin has also changed a lot since we last saw him, and for the better. During the last season, I found him to be the annoying weakling who Sam and Dean always had to save or protect. Now he is just as good at harming demons as the other hunters. I hope that he will fill vacancy that Bobby used to occupy since they really need someone with lots of knowledge (of the Words of God) and is able to back them up when they get into a bind.

Crowley also has gotten more bad-ass since we saw him last. It looks like he has built up a lot of power and confidence now that he doesn't have to worry about Dick and his black-blooded fiends. This is also a huge relief since he seemed way too weak last season. He is the King of Hell, so I would expect him to be insanely powerful. Perhaps this is a sign that the series will be going to back the roots of what made Supernatural so great at the beginning.

Other than the character building, this was a very quiet episode. It felt more of a first half of a two-part episode, so hopefully things will pick up next week. This episode also did nothing to answer questions left from last season's finale, and even added more, so I hope that we will get some answers over the next few weeks.

With all things considered, "We Need to Talk About Kevin" was still a great start to the new season. Let's just hope they don't disappoint us again.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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