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Primeval: New World Quotes

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Season 1 Episode 13: "The Sound of Thunder - Part 2"

Kieran: Did you see the size of that bastard?

Doctor Fridkin: Do you think I have some sort of miracle cure that holding out on you?

Doctor Fridkin: Can I be honest with you?
Mac: I would really rather you wouldn't.

Dylan: You know about the Anomalies?
Connor: Ya, I guess you could say that.

Connor: Evan Cross?
Dylan: Yah. Huh, how do you know Evan?

Connor: Can we sort this all out after it's less dangerous?

Connor: What are we talking: Brontoscorpions, regular scorpions or giant scorpions?
Dylan: Bronto.
Connor: Lovely.

Mac: You're my best friend, and I don't want to lose you.

Dylan: Hey, I got company.
Evan: Great cause I go company too and he's a bit pissed off.

Connor: I got stuck in the Cretaceous for over a year once.
Dylan: A year?
Connor: Uh huh. I would not recommend it.

Evan: Did it have something wrong with its arm?
Connor: Ya, how did you know that?
Evan: Because the same one killed my wife, six years ago. It will be through there.

Connor: This is a bit dodgy; you entering your own past. So don't touch anything, don't do anything that's going to change anything, okay?

Connor: It's nice to see you in once piece... mostly.

Kieran: Who are these guys and what do they know?
Connor: It's a long story.

Evan: What the hell did you just do?
Colonel Hall: I just saved your life.

Colonel Hall: We've been through this, Mr. Cross. One missing dinosaur isn't going to cause some massive ripple effect.

Connor: Wow. By the looks of this place you told everybody you ever met about your little secret.

Toby: A couple of Red Bulls and I'll be ready for action.

Dylan: I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you had expert knowledge in dinosaur metabolic systems. I had to learn everything through trial and error.

Connor: What's worse is knowing how it was supposed to be, being the only one who remembers.
Mac: It could drive you mad.

Ken: You are now officially out of unofficial custody.

Ange: That's what Evan says.
Connor: He's a smart man, got some good advice from another smart man.

Dylan: Can't you just hot-wire it?
Mac: Too noisy.

Mac: Wait. So if everything is supposed to happen the way it did on 2006, and the other Mac, the one you put in the freezer is not there, then who's going to save your life?

Mac: Stuff this!

Season 1 Episode 12: "The Sound of Thunder - Part 1"

Colonel Hall: Unlike Cross, you understand that this isn't something that can be managed by a team of renegades.

Ange: I know Evan, he doesn't respond well to threats.

Colonel Hall: I live by a very simple philosophy, you leave the world in a better place than you found it.

Toby: Dylan said the best way to deal with an angry animal is to steer clear.

Dylan: Something left and came back in, dragging something heavy.
Toby: Like person heavy?

Mac: I hope it isn't a crab, I didn't bring any butter.

Toby: Okay baby, show me what you got.

Evan: Ange told me they locked you up, is that true?
Leeds: It was a temporary situation, it was resolved to my satisfaction.
Dylan: I think that's a yes.

Ken: It's kinda exciting, though. Going through an Anomaly.
Evan: Don't pretend it's your first time.

Ken: What happens it something attacks me?
Evan: Then you'll have to be faster than one of us.

Evan: It must be some type of temporal junction. String theories always predicted they exist.
Ken: Well that follows then that Anomalies are Einstein-Rosen bridges, umm, more commonly called wormholes.

Evan: If you do, I might actually start to trust you.
Dylan: And if you don't, it will be you on the dissection table. Don't make me do that.

Dr. Fridkin: Okay, I'm going to need you to stop the work and relax.
Mac: Trust me, she will be a lot less relaxed if you make her stop.

Dylan: If you do this, everything changes.

Dylan: You think this could fix everything? You don't know what would happen. It could just as easily make everything worse. We would have never even met.
Evan: Maybe it would be better that way.

Dr. Fridkin: We're out of our depth here.
Colonel Hall: Well, then we'll all have to learn to swim. There's no training for what we are trying to do here.

Ange: Even if you're right, I'm not doing things Evan's way any more.

Dylan: See, I saved some fun for ya.

Mac: That's some high-quality tiger blood you're getting there.

Ken: I like to keep my word... whenever possible.

Dylan: It doesn't like us.
Evan: Well, we just forced it a 50,000 volt breathmint.

Season 1 Episode 11: "The Inquisition"

Dylan: Or he did, and it's a trap.

Toby: See, this is why shouldn't name dinosaurs because then you get all attached, and, you know, they eat people.

Dylan: I know that isn't the sound of Evan Cross admitting defeat.

Toby: This may look simple, but it has better security than the pentagon.

Toby: I don't recognize that code.
Evan: That's because it was written before we were born.

Evan: They probably got it from the aliens.

Evan: This terminal belongs to Leeds. That's why there is a hole in the firewall, the guy's an idiot with computers.

Colonel Hall: The military doesn't give latitude Leeds, it gives orders, something that you have the history of disobeying.

Ken: If this is a court martial, there seems to be a few things missing... Like a judge, lawyers...

Toby: Do you have to kill a forest every time you read something?

Major Douglas: Under the National Security Act, all equipment, data, and records, related to the investigation of temporal vortices are hereby requisitioned for classified military purposes.
Evan: Hmm, really? Well, I wish I could comply, but all that stuff's gone.

Mac: I thought this country was still a democracy.

Evan: Let me put it a different way, cut him loose or this conversation is over.

Mac: Hey, what am I supposed to do, walk home?

Evan: No, breaking into someone's place to steal their stuff always strikes the right note.

Colonel Hall: I'm engineering dinosaur soldiers for World War 3, obviously.

Colonel Hall: I think that a good scientist approaches the truth with an open mind, and I think a bad scientist already believes he knows the answer. What kind are you?

Mac: What are we going to use for weapons?
Dylan: If they catch us, that's the type of trouble I don't want to be in.
Mac: I wasn't planning on getting caught.

Ken: When you're crossing a freeway, you don't worry about getting struck by lighting... unless of course you're in a thunderstorm and carrying a metal umbrella.

Dylan: I'm glad I didn't know you in high school.

Evan: You little bastard! You went into the Anomalies?

Evan: Just because you have survived pulling the trigger 5 times doesn't mean your going to win at Russian Roulette.

Evan: You're either really stupid or incredibly insane.

Mac: Evan was right, these people are serious tossers.

Mac: We gotta get out of here before we end up in an alien autopsy video.

Ange: If you don't like what he wants to do, then change what he's going to do. You have the technology, that gives you all the power. Evan, all you have to do is say the word and he'll put you in charge of Project Magnet.

Dylan: This is not about your paranoia, this is about what you've done to those animals.
Colonel Hall: So you've stood there and you played dumb while your people were breaking into my facility?
Evan: Oh come on, don't tell me I hurt your feelings. You sent tin-soldier there to seize my technology, and if that Terror Bird never got out, we would have never known that you were running a covert operation.

Season 1 Episode 10: "The Great Escape"

Lab Tech: Rectal biopsy... How in the hell am I supposed to do a rectal biopsy? Ya, ya. I'm not too happy about this either you know. Come on, quiet. Normally I'd buy you dinner and a movie first, but...

Lab Tech: Come on, relax. I can do this all day big boy!

Evan: Well, increasing the rifles air pressure improves accuracy and range, but it will definitely kill anything without armour plating.

Dylan: Evan, you've got a company to run, as well as this team. You can't do it alone.

Evan: I sent her home. Her hands were starting to fuse to the keyboard.
Dylan: I thought she lived her.
Evan: She would if I let her.

Lisa Merryweather: I've been dividing them into alien abduction, strange creatures, vampires, and bat boy.

Ken: It's a real pleasure to have you here, my own Yeoman Rand. Sorry, that's an obscure reference.
Lisa: You need to get more obscure than the original Star Trek to stump me, sir.

Harlow: We do have to stop meeting like this.
Dylan: Hey, at least you knew who to call, right?

Harlow: Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the good old days when the only dinosaurs were in museums.

Dylan: Wanna help?
Harlow: Not a chance. How in the hell do I report this thing? Without using the phrase time-travel dinosaur.

Harlow: You be careful. If anything happens to her...
Evan: We'll be careful.
Harlow: That's not what I said.

Evan: If it eats fast food instead of fast food employees, I'll take it.

Evan: What would scare a Terror Bird?

Major Douglas: With all due respect Mr. Cross, this isn't a lost kitten.

Ken: Merryweather, would you get us some coffees?
Lisa: Everyone seems a little agitated, sir.
Ken: Ah, that is a good point. Better make it decaf.

Evan: What kind of game are you playing out here Leeds?
Ken: Umm... usually solitaire, some online poker.

Ken: It sounds a little bit like sarcasm, but again, your welcome.

Dylan: Why should we believe you?
Ken: Because I've never lied to you... I may have omitted certain pieces of information from time-to-time.

Ken: You can't upgrade my security clearance by punching in a few different characters. Can he?
Dylan: I wouldn't bet against it.

Dylan: You've snuck into arenas before?
Evan: Well, there may have been beer involved.

Evan: How did you know that would work?
Dylan: Because I saw the look on your face when I suggested hiding in there.
Evan: I never made a face.
Dylan: Don't take it personally. All the men are trained at an early age that entering a lady's room is bad.

Evan: You are aware that we just locked ourselves inside with a Terror Bird, right?

Dylan: So this is kinda illegal then?

Evan: I need your cell phone.
Dylan: Will I get it back?
Evan: Of course.
Dylan: In one piece?
Evan: I'll buy you a new one.

Ken: It's my name on the door and I'm not about to take responsibility for something I had no control over.

Sargent Macready: Just like Kandahar, except for the ice rink.
Corporal Givens: And the dinosaur.

Major Douglas: Where is my dinosaur Sargent?

Major Douglas: Corporal, jump up there and tell me if there is a Terror Bird on the girder above me.

Dylan: Let's prove him wrong.

Major Douglas: I am tired of being outflanked by this civilian.

Douglas: I don't care about the coffee.
Ken: So you're authorizing that I can go ahead and submit the receipt?
Douglas: I can never tell if you're extremely stupid or extremely smart.

Dylan: It recognizes it as danger.
Evan: I recognize him as danger.

Evan: What if he does something unbreakable, like kills us?
Dylan: Then you don't have to worry about target practise.

Ken: Can you move my car, I don't want to get it towed.

Leeds: I take full responsibly sergeant. It was mortally wounded.

Season 1 Episode 9: "Breakthrough"

Dylan: I'm not to sure if it is good for company moral to see you staring into space, not to mention your moral.

Evan: Anyone who is smart enough to do that job will be smart enough to find out that the old chem bunker has been converted into the headquarters of my dinosaur hunting team.

Dylan: So a few thousand people click on a dinosaur video and between piano playing cat and face plant of the week.

Evan: As long as it doesn't spew magic mushrooms all over me, I'm good.

Dylan: Your the frickin' real dino guys, right?
Skateboarder: Ya, cool huh? Did you want me to sign your shirt?

Toby: Frickin' real dino is trending on twitter!

Toby: Tell him I need help containing a situation.
Merryweather: What is that nature of the situation?

Dylan: Great, we've left the crowd behind, and now we're trespassing.

Dylan: Why is it that some people feel that they need ten thousand feet of personal space?
Evan: A lot of tech guys live in this area. We aren't the most sociable bunch to begin with.

Dylan: What kind of address is that?
Evan: Alpha. First letter of the Greek alphabet.
Dylan: That's not an address, unless the guy who lives here is trying to make a serious statement about his position in the pack, in which case just peeing on the door every morning may be quicker.

Howard: Evan Cross! You thieving prick!

Howard: Why are you on my property?
Dylan: Bird watching. I heard there was a rare specimen out here. Likes to roost near water.
Howard: Would that be the Black Oystercatcher, or the Long Billed Curlew?
Dylan: Hermit Thrush.
Howard: You, I like.

Howard: How about you Cross? Are you here to watch the birds or just steal them?

Toby: How can he be busy? Unless a flying saucer has landed downtown, we're the only thing that Project Magnet does!

Toby: Wow, affection doesn't really work for us, does it?
Mac: I love you on the inside.

Mac: Forgive me if I'm having trouble getting worked up over public relations but I'm not sure if I'm alive or dead.

Evan: Howard, how long have you been living like this?
Howard: Like what?
Evan: Like a junk-food survivalist.

Howard: If you're that brilliant, if you're that much of a genius, it would happen again, and again. And since then, nothing.

Dylan: Where's crazy eyes?
Evan: Inside, with his power bars and regret.

Dylan: They aren't all just vicious killers. This one doesn't mean any harm, he's just out-of-place is all.

Evan: Look at it. That thing is bigger than an elephant. And those horns, they're like spears.

Howard: That is one hell of a Hermit Thrush.

Howard: You're no genetic engineer, my friend, which means that thing came from a distant past. I mean, I knew you guys were hiding something, right, but Triceratops? That wasn't even on the list! And, I love surprises!

Dylan: Is it dead?
Evan: Well, it might need a little CPR.

Howard: You want me to believe that you found doorways through time and that your breakthrough secret project isn't from the future? Maybe stolen, maybe from my future?
Evan: Or mine.
Howard: Do you realize the implications of that?

Howard: This is Nobel territory, beyond Nobel territory!

Merryweather: Now, was that Triceratops with one R?

Toby: What the hell?
Mac: His name is Spiky.

Howard: This is the space-time continuum. It has world ending potential, and you don't want to be the next Oppenheimer.
Evan: Exactly.
Howard: So, why are you messing with it?

Howard: If I could have gone after ovarian cancer with your rifles, I would have.

Dylan: If you tranq that thing here we will have to drag it all the way back to the anomaly. Just let me tell you from experience, it's harder than you think.

Leeds: I am sorry ma'am. I have official authorization to commandeer these flowers for reasons of national security.

Leeds: In these uncertain times, we all need to make sacrifices for freedom.

Dylan: The only greater lure than food is sex.

Dylan: Why would he do that?
Evan: I don't know... Curiosity, arrogance, complete stupidity, or all of the above.
Dylan: He's going to die in there.
Evan: Or worse.

Mac: Visit me from time-to-time. I must get lonely down there in the freezer.

Dylan: I thought you kept your phone from the 90s or somethng.

Dylan: The tech isn't just to help you, it's to help them.

Season 1 Episode 8: "Truth"

Dylan: Your not going to win.
Evan: Ah, but I could if I was arguing with a parrot.

Evan: Dylan says it's a herbivore, but it sure looks like it has the habit of smashing windows.
Mac: Reminds me of me at sixteen.

Mac: No worries everyone! Predator Control on the case
Dylan: You have to stop doing that!
Mac: Why are you afraid that you'll get fired again?
Dylan: They didn't fire me, I quit.

Ange: What happened?
Evan: Albertosaurus.
Dylan: Like the one that killed your wife?
Evan: The same one.
Toby: Holy crap!

Evan: Let me get help!
Mac: It's too late. Put me back... put everything back into the Anomaly.
Evan: What is that?
Mac: Doorway home.

Dylan: Toby, are you okay?
Toby: No, I'm not. Evan shot my server!

Mac: He knows I was going to join the army. Seemed like the only way to get off the estate. Then Evan showed up with a better offer. And then that guy, the army guy I was supposed to be, got erased. That's the real Mac Rendell.

Evan: I'm doing this for you, so that thing can't kill you again.
Ange: Again? Of course, that is why you were so happy to see me. You don't see me...

Ange: You don't have to spend the rest of your life making up for something that wasn't your fault.

Evan: Well, whatever was in that slime, apparently, won't have any lasting ill effects... except screwing up my life and ruining all my friendships.

Evan: That he is a time-traveller, and that I had his future self's body stashed in my freezer back home? That would have been a hit.

Season 1 Episode 7: "Babes in the Woods"

Mac: What's going on? Why are you touching me?

Mac: Fine. Models in danger.
Toby: No. Friends in danger.

Evan: You can't scrub the whole Internet Toby. And you should know by now that you can be whoever you want to be. Doesn't matter to me.

Mac: That Toby is a pin-up girl.
Toby: Fatal Babe, Mac. Get it right.
Mac: Still hot.
Toby: I know, right?

Ange: Is there some type of protocol that I should know about?
Dylan: We only have one protocol; find it before it finds you.

Toby: What did you want me to do? You were acting crazy.
Nat: Well you didn't tase me the first thousand times I acted crazy.
Toby: That's because of the makeup sex was too good.
Mac: I'm sorry, the makeup sex in the what now?

Mac: Big shiny hole in the universe. Spits out dinosaurs.

Dylan: Can't let you get eaten, you sign my paychecks.

Mac: You know, I've always wondered what would happen if certain ex-girlfriends could see me now.
Toby: Well, if they could see you, I'm sure they would be very comforted to know what a loser you still are.

Mac: This isn't quite the fantasy I imagined this moment to be.

Nat: Oh sure! Tase Natalie and not the bear!

Nat: My god! It's magnificent!
Mac: For a big ball of death, it is pretty scenic.

Mac: Head toward the river. If you fall into the raging rapids and the chasm of death, you've gone too far.

Season 1 Episode 6: "Clean Up on Aisle Three"

Dylan: You guys have interesting skill sets.
Mac: Evan likes to know how things work so he can usually make them not work.
Evan: And Mac likes getting into places that he shouldn't be.

Dylan: It sounds like the Anomaly opened to Mumbai.

Evan: Look around, they have everything here. Probably even have a dinosaur trap aisle.

Ange: You seem so flustered a lot of the time, yet you can switch gears and turn around and cover the violent deaths of two people.
Ken: Ten... so far.
Ange: Oh my god!

Evan: Do you know what it is?
Ange: It's really angry, that's what it is.

Mac: You had better get the hell out of here. If I find you I'm going to wring your little neck, you hear me?

Dylan: They took our guns, and my radio is gone too.
Evan: Let's hope they don't figure out how to work the guns.

Mac: Two go in, only one comes out

Evan: They don't like the noise, at least until they read the manual and figure out it can't actually hurt them.

Mac: What have you been doing, fighting dinosaurs?

Mac: Are you sure that's all you want?
Evan: *Grips a hockey stick*
Dylan: It's a Canadian thing.

Mac: This is the dinosaur directional finder. Testing 3... 2... 1..

Season 1 Episode 5: "Undone"

Evan: Here's the question: If E is the absolute value, and I2 is the co-value, what is the root coefficient?
Ange: That's funny. I was just wondering that myself.

Mac: See anything?
Dylan: It doesn't look like a T-Rex came through here if that's a comfort.
Mac: Perhaps this time we're chasing a Jurassic butterfly.
Dylan: You'll need to get a smaller gun.

Toby: One snowball could turn into an avalanche. Don't you get it? If we kill one stegosaurus, then its great, great grand stegosaurus won't be there to eat a bug, that could have eaten a snake, that would have eaten a fish, that could have evolved into a mammal, and then guess what. We are all lizard people.
Mac: Did you just say that a bug ate a snake.

Evan: We try not to drive company vehicles at the speed of sound. It annoys the neighbours.

Toby: You have been wearing that thing for three days. Why don't you just hold up a sign saying "I'm needy!"
Mac: I'm not needy, I'm wanty.

Toby: I may have dated a captain of a football team.
Mac: How did that turn out?
Toby: We broke up over a cheerleader. It turns out that we were both sleeping with the same one.

Dylan: If it doesn't open again, we can just start a permanent sanctuary for stray dinosaurs. We can call it Cross' Critters.

Season 1 Episode 4: "Angry Birds"

Ange: So Lieutenant, how was your meeting with Evan?
Ken: The one on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday?
Ange: You've had three meetings?
Ken: Nope, he's cancelled three meetings, and you can call me Ken.

Dylan: I'm thinking Titanis Walleri
Skeezer: He doesn't look very titanis to me.
Dylan: I think he is just a juvenile.

Evan: How did you find us?
Ken: I have a sophisticated intelligence network.
Evan: So Ange told you!

Blake: There is no boss, you idiot! I'm the boss, you work for me.
Skeezer: So that's why you always act like a dick.

Dylan: Nature's finest local blend.
Evan: We make our own tranq.
Mac: And how are you going to administer it? Bake the thing some brownies?

Toby: Aren't you the guy from the bureau of bat-shit crazy?
Ken: We prefer unexplained.

Season 1 Episode 3: "Fear of Flying"

Evan: Accept the things you cannot change

Evan: Time travel is full of paradoxes. For all we know, this is how the human race gets started.

Dylan: Drake was your friend and even though you saw him ripped to pieces you're still chasing these things around. What does that say about you?
Evan: Maybe it says I've gotten used to it.

Mac: I really wish we had a big bug zapper

Dylan: You can cut into it without blowing us up?
Evan: *shrugs* But if we go, we go together

Season 1 Episode 2: "Sisiutl"

Lt Leeds: Dinosaurs vs lawyers, lawyers win. I'm here to help.

Toby: I'm finding it hard to concentrate with the smell in here.
The smell of testosterone?
Toby: No, desperation.

Dylan: This job was my life Evan.
Evan: Then you need to get a bigger life.

Mac: A Cross Phontonics credit card would certainly make that easier.
Evan: Ange is going to kill me.

Toby: How come there is never any little dinosaurs? Why isn't it ever a raptor the size of a hamster?

Mac: Do you think sea monsters like English food?"
Toby: Nobody likes English food.

Evan: It's a giant man-eating snake. It doesn't have a naughty or nice list.

Season 1 Episode 1: "The New World"

Tony: Do you think he was attacked in the air?
Dylan: He's got a parachute...
Tony: That would take an eagle the size of a pony.

Evan: Sorry, but I can only give you a 7/10 on that one.
Mac: I do one reverse bunny hope, one time, and now you expect it every morning.
Evan: That's because now I know what you're capable of.

Ange: This pet project of yours has cannibalized every other R&D budget for too long.
Evan: This is what the money is for.
Ange: Yes, and if you keep going like this, you won't have anything left because you won't have a company.

Mac: What's an Anomaly?
Toby: It's a radiant magnetic event with a rapid rate of entropy, and it is harder to catch than a roadrunner.

Toby: How is it? Too visible?
Mac: Um... kinda glinty.
Toby: Then grab me some dirt, and stop staring at my ass.

Connor: I am here about the... internet.
Ange: What about it?
Connor: We had a report that it was slow.

Dylan: Did you bring friends?
Evan: Not eight foot tall ones.

Toby: You finally track down a magnetic anomaly and it spits out dinosaurs.

Ange: There aren't enough lawyers on the planet to cover the liability involved here. We have to report this to the proper authorities.
Evan: Really! And who are the proper authorities Ange? Nobody is qualified to deal with this.

Connor: The creatures are the loose threads. You pull the wrong one, history unravels, so you just have to put everything back where they came from.

Ange: No it's not little green men. I've never seen a single episode of Star Trek, so you can wipe that smirk off your voice.

Ange: 'Cause I got to tell you, on the drive over here, this was my worst nightmare of what this place will be like. Some forgotten government agency, sucking away my tax dollars to figure out goat staring experiments.

Ken: Ten million dollars in unspecified R&D. He's found it, hasn't he? What he was looking for?
Ange: I think I mad a mistake.
Ken: Uh, no, Ms. Finch. Magnet has full authority to help you with your alien threat.
Ange: They're... They're dinosaurs.
Ken: Noted.

Ken: This is the weather man, and I would like to report a storm front.


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