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Primeval: New World Canned by Syfy Too

Posted: by Tyler Olson

Yet another sad day for dinosaur lovers. Primeval: New World, which was cancelled shortly after the season premiere in Canada, has been systematically shelved by each and every other international broadcaster, and now Syfy is giving it the boot too.

The eighth episode was to air this Saturday (July 27), but the series as suddenly been removed from the TV schedule and instead the channel will burn off the remaining episodes in one Pteranodon sized swoop on August 10th. Starting at 10AM eastern, each episode will air, in order, until the finale at 10PM eastern. This means, in order to catch the remaining episodes, fans will need to start watching it no later than 5PM eastern to keep current. No future airings are scheduled.

Bewildered fans of the series had hoped that if enough viewers tuned into the series on Syfy that a second season would be possible, especially since it ended on a cliffhanger. Alas, this unceremonious burn-off means that the Primeval series is once again kicked to the prehistoric curb. Definitely not a great time to be a dinosaur.

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