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Primeval: New World Season 2 Status

Originally Published: by Tyler Olson

Today, Canadian channel Space has announced that it will not be picking up Primeval: New World for a second season. Not all hope is lost since the producers are currently in talks with other potential partners (the series was sold to 17 other markets) to get the show renewed.

The reason came down to one large reason, and not a huge space rock, ratings. It appears that the out-dated and antiquated rating system that cable channels rely on killed yet another favourite series. Since the series is getting much higher ratings in other countries, let us hope that someone else picks it up.

If the series never continues, it will be stuck on a cliffhanger meaning that fans will never get any type of resolution to the story. It can't end here, so I urge all fans to make your voice heard via email, facebook and twitter (using #SavePrimevalNW) to push your support for this series to give it the best odds of being picked back up.


A petition has also been created! Show your support by signing it! (Donation not required)


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