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Primeval: New World: The Sound of Thunder (Part 2) Review

One Big Ugly Butterfly

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


I really hate season finales. Not because they are normally bad, but because it means we have to wait months to see a new episode again (if we're lucky). Then there are the classic cliffhangers that we sometimes dangle off of for what seems to be an eternity. We could use some rope you know.

Sadly this episode had all the "problems" that most season finale's have: huge excitement, massive advancements, great stories, characters oozing with feeling, and a colossal event at the end that leaves us wanting more. We want more, dammit, and we want it next week, not whenever the next season comes, if it comes. (Sigh)

Anyway, "A Sound of Thunder Part 2" kept up the pace that Part 1 set up for the majority of the episode. The middle of the episode was a tad slower, but was needed to in order for all the pieces to fall into place. I was disappointed in the use of slow motion during the big gas station scene, though. I know it that it is supposed to make it feel more epic, but I think it did exactly the opposite. I don't mind it during a death scene, but not during a tense action scene.

Most of the characters were fantastic, but the big guest star really stole the show. The last time he appeared we definitely didn't get enough of him, and this time he had so many answers; he also left us with many more questions too, but that seems to be his thing. If there is a season 2, perhaps he can have a bigger part in it, and perhaps his wife too?

The weapon of choice against Dinosaurs for over 65 Million years.

The only character problem I had in the episode was with Colonel Hall. How could this man be so naïve to believe that his decisions weren't going to have massive ramifications? Did he suffocate due to lack of air when he "saw the future" and thus is only running on half thrusters? Did he fall from the sky and hit his head on a piece of dilithium ore causing a major concussion? Even the new Project Magnet Director saw reason at the end, but he still couldn't. So far, he is the only character I don't want returning, or at least not in his current form. Perhaps they can intervene in his past and save him from becoming an idiot, or make him an android or something.

The visual effects were really great again this episode, except for the whole semi-trailer trick. Are we really supposed to believe that a creature that size was able to fit inside that thing, that the axles could support that weight, and, if everything else was possible, for it to be able to escape through the doors?. I would have completely accepted it if the truck was bigger.

In the end, the season ended just as I expected it to, in true Primeval fashion. The cause was a bit predictable though, especially after what they showed in part 1. It does leave the series in a place where the story could go anywhere and any time; once everything sinks in, I can foresee a plethora of theories from fans coming.

Besides my complaints about waiting for the next episode, this season finale was still amazing. Now all we need is for Space to do what is right and announce that season 2 is coming... and soon. Start writing writers, season 2 starts in a month! No? How about this summer? Please? Okay, fine, how about the fall? Will the fall do? Please don't make us wait longer than that.

--- Update:

Season 2 is not happening from Space. Learn more information here.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.9/5

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