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Primeval: New World: The Sound of Thunder (Part 2) Recap


An Albertosaurus runs through the streets of London, Connor Temple and three others chase after it, firing shots from their Electro Muscular Disruption Weapons as they do. Eventually, the dinosaur runs through the open Anomaly. One member, Kieran, is amazed how large it was as he stands near the Anomaly. The others prepare the Anomaly Locking Mechanism and Connor tells Kieran to move away from the Anomaly when the Albertosaurus comes back through. The three others first shots at it to force it back through, but as it does Kieran flees through the Anomaly too. Connor announced he will need to follow and heads in too.

Dylan is still heading for the Anomaly while Evan is still trapped with the Brontoscorpio.

Mac is standing over Toby who is unconscious with breathing tube down her throat. Doctor Fridkin pulls Mac away to inform her that she was stabilized. He offers her more blood if it will help her, but she tells him that it isn't that simple and is about to tell him that she doesn't have hope, but Mac asks her not to. As the doctor leaves, Mac notices Ange watching so he heads over to place blame on her. Ange tells him that she blames the Anomalies and that they are tearing them apart. Mac tells her that he is beginning to doubt that Evan and Dylan will make it back in time, but she tells him to give them more time. Mac leaves her and heads back to Toby's side.

Dylan returns back to the Anomaly Junction, marks the Anomaly she exited with her knife, then runs back to the present. With help from another soldier, she unloads a case to place the stinger inside.

Back at the Anomaly Junction, Connor calls out to Kieran, then after noticing Dylan's knife, he enters the Anomaly where Evan is. He follows the tracks for a bit and calls out for Kieran again.

Dylan places the stinger in the container and hands it to the soldier and tells him to get it back to the lab. As she is about to head back to save Evan, she grabs some tools to help clear the rubble and runs back to the Brontoscorpio's time.

Connor almost falls into a sinkhole as Dylan catches up to him. They start asking each other questions to see how much each other knows about the Anomalies as Dylan uses the bar she brought to trigger the sink holes as they head back to the cave. Once she brings up Evan's name they decide to help each other, by finding Evan first.

Mac is sitting by Toby's side pouring his heart out to her unconscious body as Ken rushes in with the stinger. Dr. Fridkin puts on gloves and a mask, then starts cutting into the stinger. Mac asks Ken where Evan is, but he tells him that he is sure they will be back soon. The doctors fill a syringe of the poison to make an antidote from.

In the cave, the scorpion nears Evan so the takes out his taser to defend himself. Dylan and Connor enter the cave as another tremor occurs, then run to the cave in and start removing rocks. They eventually get him out, run out of the cave and toward the Anomaly, throwing rocks in front of them to trigger the sink holes.

Toby's heart monitor suddenly reads no vitals. Doctor Fridkin runs over and puts the newly made antidote into the IV tube. After a few seconds, her vitals pick back up again.

The three are still making their way to the Anomaly as Connor tells them of the time he was stuck in the Cretaceous Period.

Fridkin takes the breathing tube out of Toby who immediately starts coughing. Once the doctor leaves, Mac starts poking her leg, then tickles a foot to test her recovery. She reveals that she heard his emotional confession and that she figured out that the signals were coming from different Anomalies. Ange enters to confirm that she was correct and asks Toby if she can figure out which is the correct time for their Anomaly. Mac disagrees but Toby helps anyway.

The three return to the junction and after learning what was chasing Kieran, Evan takes them back to where his wife was killed. The see Kieran's weapon so Evan picks it up as they begin their search. Connor warns them not to touch anything that would change the past.

Back at Project Magnet, Toby reveals that Anomaly will remain open for around twelve hours so Ange makes a call for an extraction team.

Connor notices a blood smear so they split up. Connor heads up the cat walk while Evan and Dylan return to the punch card station to check how much time they have. Connor finds Kieran as the dinosaur passed beneath him. Kieran has a nasty injury on his leg, so Connor helps him up and tells him that they have to leave the Albertosaurus alone. As they meet up with Evan and Dylan again, Evan is wiping blood from the wall to keep things as it was the first time. As they head back through the Anomaly, the Albertosaurus' roar catches Evan and Dylan's attention, but after it not showing up for a few seconds, they head through and back to the junction.

The dinosaur followed them out and knocks Dylan and Evan to the ground. Suddenly a bunch of tranquilizer darts strike the creature which quickly falls over. A large group of soldiers led by Colonel Hall heads toward them. As normal, he refuses to believe Evan of the damages removing the dinosaur could cause, and refuses to let Connor and Kieran return to their own time.

Upon returning to 2012, and leaving the mine, everyone notices that the entire area is covered with military personnel from Project Magnet. Connor questions Evan how many people he told about the Anomalies, but he tells him that everyone just wants to get their hands on them. Evan and Dylan head further on while Connor and Kieran get patched up by medics.

Ken Leeds arrives carrying a container as he approached Toby and Mac. After he confirms Toby will be fine, he tells them about what Hall is about to do and enlists Mac's help to protect the Anomaly and hands him Nelson's uniform so he will blend in.

Dylan and Evan approach the colonel to try to convince him to let them help, but he, and Dr. Jardine refuses to listen, even about the tranquilizer dosage. The Colonel tells him that he isn't concerned about anything but changing the past to make the present better, then walks away.

Mac and Ken arrive to catch the end of the argument between Cross and Hall. Ken leaves Mac behind to try to "extract" Dylan and Evan from the soldiers. While he is gone, Mac notices the patch on Connor's jacket, takes a picture of it and contacts Toby. She agrees that he must work at the Anomaly Research Center so Mac leaves her to talk to Connor.

They first confirm that they don't remember each other, so Mac tells him about the other Mac, but doesn't go into specifics. Connor tells him that the life he is living in now is his real life and it is better not knowing too much about the other Mac. As Connor leaves, Mac has a concerned look on his face.

Ange arrives and visits Evan who is being held in a truck. Evan tries to convince her to talk some sense into Hall by explaining what is about to happen if the Albertosaurus isn't returned. She doesn't care as she isn't happy with how things turned out and believes that it could be better.

Dylan is still trying to convince Dr. Jardine to let her help but he refuses to listen and walks away. Ken arrives and relieves the corporal guarding her. She brings Ken up to speed about the Albertosaurus, and he agrees to help so they head off to find Evan.

Ange approaches Connor, brings up the Internet conversation. Connor refuses to talk about it and asks for her help so they can get back home through the Anomaly. She asks for his help since he is knowledgeable in the field, but he refuses and tells her what he told Evan, and what Evan has been telling her, to leave the Anomalies alone and put everything back. She tells him that she wants to save Evan's wife, but he tells her that it could break things more that it fixes, including his own marriage. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she agrees to help them back to the Anomaly.

Evan is about to leave the truck but the soldiers guarding him tries to stop him when Ken arrives and relieves them and takes Evan to the others. Evan, Dylan and Mac decide to get the keys to the truck holding the dinosaur while Ken distracts Hall.

In the mine, Ange clears the path for the men to return to their own time. They request their weapons back, but Ange tells Connor that they should leave without them, Kieran agrees. Connor tells her that they will return some day to collect them so they will likely see each other again.

Dylan approaches the soldier with the keys for the truck and asks directions to medical to distract him until Mac and Evan grab his arms to hold him. Dylan hits him twice, hard, knocking him out. They grab the keys and head for the truck but the dinosaur awakens and bursts out the back of the truck. They, and all the soldiers, chase after it.

During the Albertosaurus' rampage, it knocks over a van as two women are about to enter it, then roars at the gas station. The soldiers open fire, causing the dinosaur to knock open a fuel pump and causes a jet of fire to roar beside it. Colonel yells for everyone to hold their fire as Evan and Mac grab flame throwers out of an ammunition truck. The creature charges Colonel Hall and Lieutenant Leeds, but Dylan runs and tackles Ken to safety, but Hall gets tosses against the nearby van. Evan and Mac chase after it with the flamethrowers to push it back to the Anomaly. As it flees, it knocks over the sign causing everyone nearby to scramble. They successfully chase it to the Anomaly, but Mac runs out of fuel so he takes off his tanks while Evan continues to chase the dinosaur.

After successfully getting it back to 1996, Evan tells them that everything will be fine now, but Mac realizes that the old Mac won't be there to save him. Evan tells him that no one will, but Mac disagrees then charges into the past and saves Evan. Dylan stops Evan from following him in, so Evan begins recalling that his friend is now dying in his arms when the dinosaur charges out of the Anomaly. They both jump to the ground to avoid its first attack, then Evan grabs the machine gun and fires at the Albertosaurus until it dies.

Suddenly, all the Anomalies around them start closing at once. Evan realizes that something changed and they start running back through to their Anomaly which is fluctuating and about to close.

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