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Primeval: New World: The Sound of Thunder (Part 1) Recap


A group of men and women, split in gender-based teams are playing a game of Volleyball. A creature is watching from the nearby trees. Throughout the game, the women easily outscored the men. After the game, one of the men approached one of the women for a date, but she tells him that she is already seeing someone. He refuses to give up, so she writes something on his ball, then throws it into the woods. He grabs the ball to find out that she wrote that she prefers girls, then a large scorpion stinger swings down from the trees and hits him the chest, killing him.

At the secret lab of Project Magnet, Colonel Hall is walking down a hallway with Ange as he discusses the reasons why he chose her to be the leader of the new Project Magnet. She tells him that she wants to start by getting Evan Cross on her team, but he wants her to start with the Anomaly Detection Equipment, which she states will be difficult. He reminds her of the good they are trying to do, so she also reminds him of the damage that could also be done.

After they part ways, she goes to the cell where Lt. Leeds is being held, who was drawing a third line on the wall. She notifies him that she has secured his release, as well as reinstatement of rank, and that she is taking over Project Magnet and would like his help.

At Cross Photonics, Toby arrives after setting up the Anomaly Detector. Evan asks her not to even tell him where she set it up. She also reveals that she has created a new version of the hand-held devices, which looks just like the one he got from Mac when he saved him in the past. She tells him that she added biometric locks to prevent unauthorized use and integrated the Anomaly timer. Evan is completed shocked over the timer as it brings back unwelcome memories. She offers to change it, but he tells her that it looks just like it should, so she tells him that they just need an Anomaly to test it on. Evan suddenly receives a call that causes him to jump up and leave the room.

While Dylan and Mac are going through the pictures they took from the research lab, Toby walks in as Mac is questioning why they are researching bacteria and algae. Dylan tells him that Evan was told that they are trying to bio-engineer the planet. Toby notes that changing the past is always a bad idea, so thankfully they won't be able to find the Anomalies.

Toby pulls Mac aside and reveals that she found a blog that revealed that ARC stood for Anomaly Research Centre. Mac immediately figures out that he was doing the same job as he was doing before, just in another country. She tells him that she didn't inform Evan yet, and that he should be the one to do it.

Evan finds Ange at entrance, and asks why she is there, but she doesn't go into details, so they start walking to one of the offices. He tells her that she doesn't need her protection any more, except for the mess that Ken caused, so she tells him that Leeds got locked up for helping him and that she released him. Evan is confused how, so she reveals that she is now the Civilian Director at Project Magnet and that she wants him on her team. She tells her that he isn't interested in helping him save the world due to the high possibility of disaster. Toby suddenly runs in so Evan decides that it's time for her to leave.

Evan, Dylan, Mac and Toby all head to an abandoned copper mine where the Anomaly is in, grab their weapons and head inside. Dylan notes that it dragged something back in already. Inside, the mine is a nest of floors and pipes, the Anomaly in the middle of the main floor. Toby wants to rush on a head, but Evan keeps her behind him.

Toby: Okay baby, show me what you got.

Mac notices movement first so they all charge their weapons. Mac and Dylan run up to the next floor while Evan and Toby get closer to the Anomaly. Toby's detector pulls up the duration, but the time keeps changing. Mac suddenly notices that Dylan is about to get stung and fires at it, which causes it to scurry off. Dylan recognizes it as a Brontoscorpio. Evan tells them it went under a pipe so Mac grabs a long metal pipe. The scorpion tries to attack Dylan again, by Mac knocks it down on the main level.

It begins to approach Evan and Mac, so Evan starts firing at it with taser and tranquilizer darts, but to no effect. Evan and Mac grab two large pieces of tin while Dylan and Toby grab lids from barrels. Together they slowly force the scorpion back through the Anomaly. Once it is gone, Toby notifies everyone that she was scraped on the leg from the tail.

Outside, Dylan bandages it up while Evan calls Ange to get help with Toby's injury. Ange orders Leeds to get a helicopter over there immediately, then informs Colonel Hall, who is more interested that Evan can still detect Anomalies instead of Toby's safety. Doctor Mara Fridkin arrives with the Med Evac. She verifies that Toby hasn't lost all feeling, tells Evan that they need the stinger to create an antidote. Toby keeps the data card to figure out what is wrong with the timer as they get ready to leave. Mac decides to stay with Toby as Evan and Dylan head back to the Anomaly.

A corporal blocks Evan and Dylan's re-entry into the mine until Ken goes with them, so they have no choice but to accept. As they near the Anomaly, Evan takes Ken's weapon and tosses the clip to prevent him from having a live weapon.

As they step through, they quickly learn that there are Anomalies all over the place, meaning the creature could have entered any of them. They figure out that Hall could do a lot of damage if he gets his hands on the place, so Leeds willingly leaves to prevent anyone else from entering.

Dylan: If you don't, it will be you on the dissection table. Don't make me do that.

Toby is standing next to Toby, who is working on calculations while laying down, when Doctor Mara Fridkin arrives. She recommends to put the work down and relax, but Mac recommends to leave her work. Toby is frustrated that she can't figure out the problem, since she filtered out the background radiation from the mines. As she tries to reach for the laptop her hand cramps up so the doctor forces her back as she examines her.

Dylan notices that the tracks lead to the nearby Anomalies, so Evan heads to the nearest one which closes just as he is about to enter. Evan enters another one, but backs out shortly afterwards, gets Dylan's attention, then heads back in with her. They arrive at building that Cross Photonics now occupies in what is now the refrigerated section. Evan runs to and punch card machine to find out that it is just six hours before he and his wife were attacked. Evan wants to stay and save them, but Dylan tells him that they have to save Toby. Upset that she can't change his mind, she runs back to find the scorpion.

Back at the mine, Dr. Darius Jardine is trying to get access to the Anomaly but they are being stopped by the Corporal. Ken informs them of their new management and gets them to drive him back to the base.

Mac tries to get Toby to stop working, but she doesn't want to give up. Just outside, Dr. Fridkin informs Ange that she is failing so she ordered blood for a transfusion, but they may not get it in time. Ange orders her to find donors, starting with Mac.

Dylan exits an Anomaly into what appears to be a near-barren wasteland. She begins running down the hill when she suddenly falls into a sinkhole.

Ange enters the room where Toby is, so Toby stops her work and closes the laptop. Ange tells her that she didn't take her seriously at first, and even tossed her résumé, but she is glad that Toby proved her wrong. She asks Toby to help her find a way to block the Anomalies, but Toby doesn't want to leave Evan. Ange tells her that Evan will probably go to prison due to refusing to help. This conversation raises her blood pressure, causing her hands to cramp up again. Toby is about to tell her where the detection centre was when Mac enters. Ange is about to leave when Toby tells Mac that she can't feel anything, so he calls for help.

Dylan has her feet stuck in the sink role and tries to free herself when the scorpion pays her a visit. Evan arrives just in time, throws her his rifle, since she couldn't reach hers. She fires a shot right into its mouth as it opens it, causing it to flee. Evan helps her out, then they start to go after it.

Mac sits at Toby's side as Dr. Fridkin looks over Toby's chart when Colonel Hall arrives. The doctor leaves to talk to him. She tells him that her new director isn't going to happy if she can't save Toby, but he assures her that all they can do is their best.

Colonel Hall: Well, then we'll all have to learn to swim. There's no training for what we are trying to do here.

Evan and Dylan reach the bottom of the hill and roll rocks in front of them to trigger sink holes so they can safely follow. To make things worse, tremors rock the ground making it even harder for them to stand.

Mac notices Ange sitting in the observation room above them, so he rushes out to confront her. He tells her that Evan and Dylan will pull through, but she thinks it might not happen. She also reveals that she is not going to do things Evan's way any longer.

Dylan and Evan have reaches a cave where the scorpion makes its home. As they enter, they turn on their lamps and begin searching for the creature. Soon they come across the body of the volleyball player, who has had his organs sucked out.

Mac is laying down on a bed beside Toby, with a tube giving her some of his blood.

Ange is ready to send in a team after Evan for help, but Ken reveals the truth about the Anomalies to convince her otherwise. She still disagrees and makes a call.

Evan and Dylan find the creature and attempt to circle it so one of them can cut off the tail while the tremors cause rocks to rain down on them. On their second attempt, Evan successfully cuts off the stinger and the scorpion flees. Dylan takes the stinger and they start heading out of the cave when a tremor causes a cave-in, separating them. Dylan had her leg pinned, but gets it out after a little struggle, then finds the stinger. Evan is stuck behind the wall of rock with no hope of getting through so he orders her to leave and get the stinger back to save Toby. She doesn't want to go, but he convinces her. Once gone, the sound of the scorpion causes Evan to take out his knife again to defend himself.

At the lab, Toby's heart stops so the doctor begins chest compressions while waiting for the paddles, Mac stands nearby, starring with tears in his eyes.

Dylan runs toward the Anomaly, Evan hears the scorpion so he gets ready to defend himself.


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