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Primeval: New World: The Inquisition Review

For the Greater Good

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


There comes a moment in almost every series where some huge event comes along to change everything, and while this series has already had many small game changing events, it was nothing like this week.

Through Colonel Hall's forced meeting with Evan, and Mac and Dylan's adventures at the lab, most of our questions were finally answered, and most of our fears were revealed to be true. I knew that Lt. Leeds was hiding what he was really doing, but the truth was awful. I thought Leggy was bad enough, but all those poor creatures! Talk about a great way to make us feel really sad and incredibly angry at the same time. Of course Leeds' only handed them over, and it was Hall's team that did the unspeakable.

It just wasn't about the prehistoric animals though, it was their reason behind it all. So much for Evan not becoming the next Oppenheimer. The worst things are always done with the greatest intentions, but yet no one seems to know when to stop.

There are few things worse than some paranoid nut-job to be in charge of something that could change so much. So far, that is exactly what Colonel Hall appears to be, but this may be more since he mentioned that he saw the future. When did this happen? Is he a time traveller from the future? Could it be that he just saw the future in his paranoid delusions? Until we know for sure, it will be hard to figure out how much we should hate him.

Although, the real shock came from someone much closer to Evan's inner circle. How long has she been working with them? How could she betray Evan and the rest of the team? Part of me hopes it is just a ruse, but it feels like a long shot. It isn't very often that a character can be loved by so many only to become one of the most hated.

The split between the inquisition and the lab infiltration was very well done this week too. While each part was interesting on its own, I doubt that either one would have been enough to hold our interest for too long. It could have also become one of those dreaded flashback episodes, of which I am thankful we don't see many any more.

'The Inquisition' wouldn't have been anything if not for the amazing quality of the acting. Without any amazing new creature, everything fell squarely on the shoulders of the actors to pull off this act. These actors do sad very well, as it was proved in 'Undone', and there was plenty of it to go around this week. Louis Ferreira also did a great job. He must love filling the roles of Colonel's, unless he is just using another name since his return from the Destiny. Louis Ferreira has always done a great job in the roles he is put into, so it was really great that we got to see him twice this week, since he also has a major role on the new series Motive.

Now that the gloves have come off, and new alliances have been forced, it will be interesting to see how long Evan plays along, unless of course history is changed somehow. We do have a genius who slipped into the past who could be making massive changes to the history, not to mention the other soldiers.

Only two episodes left, and next week starts the first part of the final chapter of the season. With everything that has happened this week, it will be difficult to hold back the excitement, although it would be even better if we can get an announcement for season two before then too (hint, hint).

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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