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We travel to the future, the past and the nightmares in between


Primeval: New World: The Inquisition

Season 1: Episode 11

"The Inquisition" Review

Episode Plot

With Ken Leeds' gift, Dylan and Mac go on a mission to learn the truth about what is really going on at the government's secret lab, while Evan gets hauled into a meeting with Colonel Hall where he finds out what the military is really planning for the Anomalies.

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Toby: See, this is why shouldn't name dinosaurs because then you get all attached, and, you know, they eat people.

Evan: They probably got it from the aliens.

Evan: This terminal belongs to Leeds. That's why there is a hole in the firewall, the guy's an idiot with computers.

Toby: Do you have to kill a forest every time you read something?

Evan: No, breaking into someone's place to steal their stuff always strikes the right note.

Colonel Hall: I'm engineering dinosaur soldiers for World War 3, obviously.

Evan: Just because you have survived pulling the trigger 5 times doesn't mean your going to win at Russian Roulette.

Mac: We gotta get out of here before we end up in an alien autopsy video.


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