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Primeval: New World: The Great Escape Recap


A lab technician enters a room with a metal box containing an animal inside. As he starts reading off a list of things that he needs to do, squawking can be heard from inside the box and the creature inside begins banging around. The tech find out he has to do a rectal biopsy, which he immediately dreads, so he tries to get that done first. As he looks inside the box, the animal inside hits the door hard enough that one of the padlocks break off. After he pulls out his probe, he moves to the front of the cage as the second lock breaks off and the bird escapes. He makes a call to inform his superiors that they have a breach.

Dylan and Evan are firing shots with tranquilizer rifles at different types of targets at Cross Photonics. They have been increasing the air pressure to get better range and accuracy, but it is passing through targets. Dylan brings up that Evan needs more help since so many of his team are away, especially since he is running both the company and the team.

Detective Harlow calls Dylan to inform her that he has an attack to report. She asks if he has any idea what it is, but all she could find out is that it is big and angry. Evan checks the computer and finds out there hasn't been an Anomaly in the past 3 days and figures that it may have opened in a dead zone.

Lisa Merryweather is in the storeroom at Project Magnet when Ken arrives. He is surprised to see her there early, so she reveals she has been resorting his past cases based on type. He isn't very happy with her going through his files at first, but after she shows an interest in it, and a few flirting remarks, he thanks her for the help.

Harlow gives Dylan a hug as they arrive at the parking garage where the attack happened. They check out the car to find shredded junk food inside, then question the victim who was being checked out by the paramedics. He mentions he was attacked while "taking a few hits". They try to get a description from him, but he isn't much help. They head back to Harlow who promises to clear the building as they search for it, and wonders how he is going to explain it. Before they split up, he warns Evan not to let anything happen to Dylan.

Harlow: Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the good old days when the only dinosaurs were in museums.

Evan and Dylan search the floor only to find that a stairway door was opened by the creature. They notice that it could have gotten out, but a scream nearby alerts them to where it is. They rush down the stairs and find two people running away from dumpsters. One of the dumpsters is moving back and forth from the movement inside.

They both ready their rifles as Dylan whistles to get its attention. Both are surprised to see the head of a Titanis Walleri pop out briefly, then go back in. Evan circles around it to get a better shot, then Dylan whistles again. This time it jumps out of the dumpster and races past them. Dylan notices that it has stitches and a leg band. As they about to chase after it, it runs by them again, with a dark SUV behind it. Four soldiers get out of the vehicle and ask them to stand down, but they refuse. Suddenly the bird darts out, climbs over a wall and escapes. The soldiers take off after it. Evan and Dylan request to join them, but the Major refuses and drives off.

Merryweather and Leeds suddenly find Evan banging on the door of Project Magnet. Evan and Dylan enter very upset. Ken asks Lisa to get some coffee as Evan demands answers from Ken. He reveals he kept the bird to keep Project Magnet running to help them, but Dylan and Evan are not grateful. Lt. Leeds is surprised to hear that it escaped and wonders why he wasn't informed, until he realizes that Major Douglas is likely responsible.

The accusations keep coming as they head into his office to get the tracking frequency, but Ken soon finds out that his security clearance on it has been revoked. Evan pushes him over as he hacks into the system to get the necessary clearance.

At the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, everything appears to be normal until as the black SUV pulls up. A truck parked nearby is rocking, so with weapons armed, they circle around.

Evan finishes hacking into the system, to Ken's amazement, and gets the current location of the bird.

At the truck, the soldiers prepare to fire only to find a delivery man inside. Major Douglas points out that they are above the signal, and that it must be underneath them. He gives the order to evacuate the rink as they head inside.

Evan uploads the frequency to his phone and gets ready to leave. Ken offers to help and wants to clear it up, but they refuse and leave.

A large military truck pulls up at the arena and more soldiers jump out. Douglas tells them that they have a hostile in the building and to guard the exterior, then tells the rest of his team to head inside. As they enter they yell out that they are going through a training exercise and to evacuate the building.

Evan and Dylan show up, unimpressed with the military's form of under the radar, then head to the zamboni garage to sneak in.

The soldiers continue to evacuate the building as they search for the Terror Bird. Macready pokes into the woman's washroom to announce they are evacuating the building, then quickly retreats. Once gone, Evan and Dylan exit the stalls. Just outside, Macready radios to his men to regroup at the entrance, then heads off. Once gone, they leave the washroom and duck around the corner. Evan is surprised that it worked, but Dylan reveals that men learn early to stay out of the Lady's Room. As they head out, they hide their gun bags in the trash.

Dylan: All the men are trained at an early age that entering a lady's room is bad.

A soldier, Corporal Turner, is walking through the lower levels radios in that everything appears to be evacuated, but just seconds later, Leggy runs up behind him and attacks.

The Major secures the entrance as Corporal Givens hands him the tracking device and states that the 2D tracker will be difficult to use in a 3D space. They try to radio Turner, but get no response since he is dead. The Major tells him to watch their backs as they head back in.

At the rink, Leggy comes out onto the ice, but has problems with traction, so it heads back.

Evan and Dylan find the broadcast centre where he hacks into the system and disables their satellite feed to slow them down. Knowing that it won't last long, he borrows Dylan's cell phone, promising her that he will buy her a new one.

The Major suddenly stops when he looses the signal. He hands it over to Givens as his cell rings. Leeds asks why a mission is happening without his knowing about it, so Douglas tells him that it came directly from Hall and that he is just out of the loop. Ken tells him he isn't going to be responsible for it, but the Major tells him that he did sign off on everything, including the blacked out bits. He also reveals that they are aware of Ken playing both sides and warns him to plan his next move carefully.

Dylan asks Evan what they are going to do with Leggy once they catch it since they don't know how to return it to its proper time. Evan reveals he has been planning for such cases.

Givens has managed to get the signal back again, but is now getting two signals, both aren't moving. They head for the strongest one first, which is in the announcers box. Evan and Dylan watch has they head up, glad that their distraction worked, then head after the other signal. Squawks are heard echoing through the building.

Evan and Dylan quickly come across what is left of Turner. Dylan wants to do something about it, but Evan tells her it isn't their responsibility and that they need to stay on mission.

Back on the stands, the Major realizes that it is coming from above them, so he reaches above his head and knocks Dylan's cell phone down, which smashes into pieces.

Dylan is upset about the situation and blames Leeds for everything. Evan notices that their decoy is deactivates, so they pick up the pace.

Douglas picks up the cell phone and realizes who is behind it, yelling to Evan that he isn't getting his dinosaur. Below them, Dylan tells Evan that they need to prove him wrong. Upset, the Major calls up Leeds again. Leeds tries to be smart with him, but Douglas tells him that he isn't a Major any more, thus can't talk to him like that. Ken tells him that he didn't tell them anything, only bought them coffee, which only makes the Major more angry. As he hangs up, the Major tells him that he is responsible if anything happens to Evan and Dylan. Very upset, Ken knocks papers off his desk. The soldiers head off toward the other marker.

Douglas: I can never tell if you're extremely stupid or extremely smart.

Evan and Dylan arrive at a snack shop to find it a complete mess from the bird. Amongst the mess, Dylan finds the tracker, which the bird managed to bite off. Another squawk from Leggy gets their attention, so they follow the sound. Soon, screams from the soldiers mix with the squawks.

Givens is already dead and Douglas is barely holding it off so the Sargent fires off a few shots at it. Douglas quickly yells to him to stop firing since they need it alive as Leggy limps off. As the Major continues yelling, he is dragged away to safety.

Weir and Cross continue to chase after the sound to find Givens lifeless and a trail of blood leaving the scene. Near the exit of the rink, Leggy is hobbling off. Evan is about to tase it, but Dylan stop him because she doubts it will survive it. They fire off two tranquilizer darts, but it continues onward, so they chase after it.

Above them, Major Douglas gets patched up, then they split off again to find Leggy.

They find the bird, but its hiding, so Dylan quickly leaves to get something to lure it out.

Major Douglas is slowly following the trail of blood, but still in pain from his wounds.

Dylan returns with a bag of Cheese Puffs and starts throwing them onto the ground to make a trail. They slowly back up and head around the corner to let it take the bait. Once they are out of sight, it comes out to snack. They come back into sight, but Dylan tries to get Evan to lower his gun. He refuses. She tells him that it is the only option and once it is lowered, she starts cooing it out. Once it is closer, Evan takes the shot, which causes it to charge, but it passes out before it gets to them.

Once it's down, Dylan check it over and figures that it isn't going to survive. They check the amount of darts they have left, but realize that it wont be enough. The major sneaks around the corner, to find them, then radios the Sargent who is at Turner's body, then jumps out announcing that he is taking the bird back. Dylan refuses so Douglas points his handgun at her. Evan puts himself in the path, but the Major gets shot by a tranquilizer from behind by Leeds.

Dylan grabs the major's gun and shoots Leggy in the head. Ken rushes over to grab the pistol from her, and immediately wipes it down. They are surprised that he is helping them again, but he states he is on their side. After handing them his keys for his vehicle he tells them to get out before the others arrive. They flee only to find the place swarming with guards.

Ken stays at the bodies, and when the others get there, he claims full responsibility and surrenders.

Evan and Dylan make it to the vehicles as Leeds is escorted into the back of a van. Inside Ken's they find his security card with a sticky note welcoming them to Project Magnet. They don't know what Leed's is up to, but they promise to find out.


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