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Primeval: New World - Sisiutl Review


By Tyler Olson

Why isn't it ever a Raptor the size of a hamster?

In this second episode of Primeval: New World, we were treated with a politically charged story that mixed the prehistoric Titanoboa with the native legend of the Sisiutl.

Like the premiere, the character interactions between Evan and the rest of the team were amazing. I hoped that we were going to see more of Ken Leeds and Ange Finch this episode, but the way they are easing those characters into the team is understandable. Evan will come around, eventually.

The CG on the Titanoboa was also amazing. I am impressed with the level of detail they achieved on that creature, even when it were right up close to a real actor. Every so often there was an odd outline, but it was very rare and hardly noticeable. It also had plenty of screen-time, once they got it out of the water, anyway.

I enjoyed the way they interwove the creature's existence into local legends. It makes the story feel so much more believable, even if it involves a team chasing prehistoric creatures. As more creatures are introduced, it would be neat if they find ways to match up the other creatures with myths and legends to account for these Anomalies popping up throughout history.

There was one problem with the Titanoboa; I don't think it would have been so lively in the cool climate. Everyone was wearing coats, so it must have been awfully cool for a cold-blooded animal to be slithering around. A minor inconstancy, and one that may be due to information we just didn't see in the episode, like the creature returning to its time to warm up frequently.

On a side note, I loved how the protesters were fighting an oil company, but were still wearing clothing made from oil products. I see it all the time on the news, and it cracks me up every time.

I found it a bit odd that in the last episode they were setting up an array of magnetometers to detect Anomalies, and now they have figured a way to hack the cell phone grid to give a wider range. At least they proved it isn't a perfect system yet, but the difference of scope is hard to believe.

While it didn't have the epic feeling the premiere had, "Sisiutl" was still an amazing episode. Everyone involved should be proud of the experience they have created so far. I can't wait for next week's episode.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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