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Titanis Walleri

Titanis Walleri in Primeval: New World
Titanis walleri in Primeval: New World

Time Period: Pliocene epoch (2 million years ago)
Location: North and South America
Size: Medium (2.5 meters tall)
Eats: Small to medium-sized animals

The Titanis walleri (Terror Bird) was a Phorusrhacidae which lived in South America, and eventually North America, 2 to 5 million years ago (Pliocene epoch). The name Titanis is in reference to the Greek titans, which was chosen due to the bird's size.

Like all of its other cousins, these birds were incredibly fast and powerful carnivores. Running at around 65 km/h (40 mph), and standing around 2.5 meters tall, these large flightless birds could easily take down young mammals, like deer and horses, but anything was fair game when they hunted in packs. It is estimated that they likely weighed around 150 kg.

The only known living relative of the species is the Seriama, which lives in the South American grasslands. Thankfully, they are much smaller, only growing up to 90cm long. Even though they are from different regions, the African Ostrich and Australian Emu are the most similar to the appearance of the Tatanis walleri.

In Primeval: New World

Episode 1.04: "Angry Birds" - Three Titanis walleri (2 adults and 1 baby) entered through an Anomaly near an old train yard, which was converted into a marijuana grow operation. The young bird ended up getting captured by Blake and Skeezer, the 2 marijuana growers, and after being fed cheese puffs and joints, Skeezer kept it in a box and called it Leggy.

The adult birds weren't as warm and cuddly though. One started his hunt by attacking, and eating a man who was driving a motorcycle. Shortly after its meal, that bird got hit by Mac and Toby's jeep, but it survived the encounter and raced back to the train yard. There it joined the other adult, who was chasing Evan around the train yard. One was quickly tranquilized by Mac when he arrived, but the one which already enjoyed the taste of humans, stayed on the offensive most of the time, killing Blake in the process. Eventually Dylan, Evan and Mac lured it into a train where they lit pounds of marijuana, then locked it inside the smoke filled carriage.

The bird that Mac peppered with tranquilizer darts died due to an overdose of the drug, while the other one was dragged back into the anomaly, higher than a kite. The baby, Leggy, was secretly kept by Lt. Ken Leeds, who only pretended to throw it back through the Anomaly, cardboard box and all.


Episode 1.10: "The Great Escape" - After Leggy grew to maturity, it escaped from the government research lab and gave Evan, Dylan and the military team under the control of Major Douglas, a dangerous chase through a skating rink, until it was caught finally mercifully killed.


Titanis walleri attacking a motorcycle rider
Baby Titanis walleri Leggy in a box
Titanis walleri between two indoor trains
Titanis walleri ready to attack Evan
Titanis walleri breaking through a small window
Titanis walleri running to jump aboard a train
Titanis walleri Leggy climbing a wall to freedom
Titanis walleri Leggy trying to walk on ice
Titanis walleri Leggy following a trail of cheeze puffs
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