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Angelika Finch

Ange Finch played by Miranda Frigon
Angelika "Ange" Finch
Played By: Miranda Frigon


Angelika, or Ange as most call her, is the financial genius behind Cross Photonics. She saw the huge potential for success in Evan's ideas and turned them into a massively profitable business.

She is the only person on the team who knew Evan before the events that turned his life around, so his new found passion for learning the truth about Anomalies brought their relationship to new limits, but she was very upset with Evan ignoring his responsibilities in his company and secretly push Project Magnet, the federal bureau which specializes in the unknown, to take over the Anomaly business.

After leaving Cross Photonics, she became the Civilian Director of Project Magnet.


Key Primeval: New World Appearances

Episode 1.01 - "The New World": After getting discouraged with Evan's Anomaly Hunting, she contacted Lt. Ken Leeds of Project Magnet.

Episode 1.04 - "Angry Birds": After losing a contract due to Anomalies taking a higher priority than his job, she tells Lt. Leeds where to find Evan so he can gain his trust.

Episode 1.07 - "Babes in the Woods": Joined the team in the field for the first time.

Episode 1.08 - "Truth": Ange was briefly in a romantic relationship with Evan, but after his massive hallucination, she realized that he still hasn't gotten over Brooke, thus broke up with him.

Episode 1.11: "The Inquisition" - Tried to convince Evan to join Colonel Henderson Hall's team as a 3rd party, but she herself already changed sides.

Episode 1.12: "The Sound of Thunder (Part 1)" - Took the role as Civilian Director of Project Magnet.



Ange Finch with Evan and Mac
Ange Finch with Evan
Ange Finch with Evan and Ken
Ange Finch at her desk
Ange Finch at her home
Ange Finch taking on a dinosaur
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