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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Masks
Season 2 Episode 12 - Original Airdate 2011-12-11

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Masks Review:
The Shaman and the Kleptomaniac.

By Tyler Olson

After what happened to Lauren last episode, it was to be expected Bo was going to find herself a tough spot when trying to fix it. Although, it was impressive how far she went to rescue Lauren's lover, even though she must have known what it would mean for their relationship.

The most surprising part of the entire episode was that the Ash successfully kept Bo in the dark throughout it all.

After Lachlen 'released' Lauren from her cell, and told her he would help save the woman she loves, he surprisingly recruited Bo for the job. I know why he lied to Bo so that she wouldn't tell Lauren that she came to her rescue, but eventually they are both going to find out what he has done. He'd better be planning something huge, since Bo is getting increasingly more powerful every episode, and her vengeance is going to be very nasty.

This week she had to negotiate with a Preta with a very nasty touch. These creatures are driven to satisfy their unending desires, but they are never able to fulfil them, and this one had the nasty case of kleptomania. To make it even worse, he literally destroys everything he touches once it is in his lair, and the remains are just as destructive has his touch.

Navigating through a maze of corrosive sand wasn't the peak of her abilities, though. For some reason, she can pull out cursing nails without the Shaman's granting. No one is supposed to be able to negate the magic, but yet she did easily. It is almost as if she is starting to acquire the powers of the other Fae that she comes into contact with.

She did manage to pull out several nails before she was stopped, and as the shaman warned her, most were cursed for a reason. Will her actions cause even more problems for her in the future, or possibly more allies? Knowing her luck, it will be the former. At least she doesn't have to worry about this shaman cursing anyone else... well, until he gets to a Fae hardware store.

The special effects in this series always seemed very subtle in the past, but the space folding that was done by the 'travel agent' was really impressive. I expected Bo to disappear in a flash or beam of light, but instead they warped the background around her giving us a unique perspective for this type of transportation.

Oddly, she didn't have to pay for this service, even when she took along a guest. Did Lachlen get stuck with the bill, or is something else given without the traveller's knowledge?

Character building has been a big part in this season so far, but nothing compares to this episode. Kenzi has been reunited with childhood sweetheart Nate (Aaron Ashmore), Lauren has Nadia (Athena Karkanis) back in her arms, Dyson and Ciara have purchased a new home to live in, and Trick is giving his dead wife's belongings to Bo, as he would his own daughter.

Is Trick her father, or grandfather? Lately he has been taking more of a fatherly role in her life, especially since hearing the name Ysabeau. If she is related to him, it may explain why she is becoming more powerful.

With all of her friends now with people that they love, I wonder if Bo has a curse of her own. The more she learns about herself, and the more powerful she becomes, she becomes ever increasingly alone. Sure, she has made a lot of friends, and they will go through a lot to help her too, but what about love? Every time she gets close to someone, someone or something always gets in her way. Is she doomed to live life without love, or has fate someone else in mind?

This was a fantastic episode! Most character building episodes find themselves dry, but the writers wrapped everything in a plot that was both interesting and exciting. There are many secrets still hiding in the shadows, but I don't think they will be there for too much longer. It has been a while since the last prophesy episode, so a big reveal should be coming very soon.


Reviewer's Rating: 5/5


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