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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Can't See the Fae-Rest
Season 2 Episode 11 - Original Airdate 2011-12-04

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Can't See the Fae-Rest Review:
Just what a girl needs, a matching set of dead guys.

By Tyler Olson

This episode is also known as "If a Fae Falls in a Forest..." Showcase changed the name just before it was originally shown.


What do parties, C-3PO and death all have in common? Yes, Star Wars, but now, Lost Girl too. This week, a Fae, who loves a good tight squeeze, leaves its mark on the wealthy men of parties. C-3PO will need more than Isabella's Book of Artistic Nudes to save him, so Bo and Kenzi are on the trail.

Confused? How about if we throw a spoiler. A Kobold sells a Batibat's stuff to a Mama Wata without her consent. If you are still confused, you should be in the same boat now as viewers who started watching this episode half-way through. Don't make the same mistake!

This week's investigation was one that kept me guessing for the entire way through. When a venomous Mama Wata is making snake skin accessories from her own skin, a shifty Kobold is trying to sell illegal items so he can skip town, and a Batibat is running around snatching up the wood that used to be her tree, it was easy to guess that they all were related somehow. The hard part was figuring out who was doing what.

If it wasn't for Ciara's information, this case would have been even harder to solve for our heroines. Their relationship had a rough start, but by the end they were already good friends offering relationship advice. Even though Bo hasn't been too happy about losing Dyson, she has finally accepted that it is Ciara's turn to be with him. Perhaps she might even be able to help Bo with her own relationship problems with Lauren in the future.

While everyone else was solving this case, Lauren found herself really over her head. It was about time that she stood up for herself, but she couldn't pick a better time? I am sure that once Bo learns what the Ash has done, they will be filtering what's left of him out of the air for years.

Why is he suddenly so interested in the death of a few Pari? Lately the writers have given us just enough information to know he is up to something, but there appears to be no clear goal. Everything may make a lot more sense by the finale, but at this time there are just far too many questions.

This is an episode you didn't want to miss a single second of for two reasons; it was just that fantastic, and you would probably miss something crucial if you did. The writers need to make the cases this complicated more often.


Reviewer's Rating: 5/5


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