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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Raging Fae
Season 2 Episode 10 - Original Airdate 2011-11-26

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Raging Fae Review:
Bo goes in for the knock-out!

By Tyler Olson

Compared to the last episode, Raging Fae was an absolute gem. Good acting, well connected stories, and plenty action, all made this episode really enjoyable.

The unfortunate side-effect of Bo's first kiss was shown before, but for most of her friends, this is first time they had heard of it. Sadly, it wasn't under the best circumstances. Mel, Bo's dead first boyfriend's sister, has tracked Bo down, and luckily for everyone Kenzi was the first to find out.

Kenzi didn't carry the burden on her own and soon many of her friends were working on getting Bo out of this mess. It really showed how strong of a friendship everyone has formed so far, especially Hale since the amount of work he needed to do must have been massive. Bo wasn't happy with them interfering though, but in the end, everything worked out for the better.

I was really shocked that Bo tried to run away again. For this entire series, it has been Bo deciding to stand her ground, but with the arrival of one person from her past, she just packed up. I am really glad that her friends talked her out of it, and she was back to standing up for herself by the end, but this quick character reversal felt just a bit unusual.

At least it wasn't like she beat herself up over this predicament or anything. She let someone else do that for her instead.

The MMA main story was the perfect counterpart to this week's side-story. It gave Bo something to work on while her friends were doing the heavy lifting on her past, and provided a great opportunity for Bo to realize what she is fighting for again.

Even thought the fighting scenes were brief, they did provide us viewers with some well needed action. There was no fancy computer graphics here, just good old-fashioned fighting. Well... as old-fashioned can get when involving a fighter that is juiced up on Fae frog sweat.

The Fae in question this week was a Gama-Sennin. These Fae can produce chemicals out of their sweat, much like some frogs do, only these provide the individual with great strength and stamina. Unfortunately for Mike, there is one small adverse reaction where the person's internal organs explode after a long period of use. If it really existed, such a small side-effect should make this the most popular drug in all the professional sports!

It took awhile for me to figure out who was behind the doping, especially since Farraro's character was the perfect suspect. There were so much that pointed to him being the cause that I never expected the real person responsible. There are very few series that have been able to pull off the hidden twists as well as the writers did here. Great job David and Jeremy!

There still appears to many secrets hiding in the shadows, especially about the Ash. He is obviously up to something, and likely isn't even who he says he is. What kind of Fae have so many teeth anyway? He reminds me of those black-blooded Leviathans from Supernatural, but I doubt it would be anything so epic. We are only coming up to the half-way point of the season, so it will likely be some time before we find out.


Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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