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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Original Skin
Season 2 Episode 9 - Original Airdate 2011-11-09

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Original Skin Review:
Never before has changing bodies been so boring.

by Tyler Olson

It wouldn't be a fantasy series if most of the cast didn't cross bodies at one point, and Lost Girl can now cross that one off its list. Was it worth it? Absolutely not! This had to be one of the most boring episodes in this series.

Can you think of anything more boring than a group of people hanging out in a bar, and not even drinking or joking around. Most of the episode was spent pointing fingers and re-announcing who's who after every shift. Perhaps a round of body shots may have given a bit more life to this party.

What causes this borefest? An escaped Dark Fae named Raynard spiked everyone's drinks with Gorgon blood allowing everyone to jump bodies, and with Raynard passing between them too. To make matters worse, Raynard's trigger-happy Bounty Hunter named Woods was more interested in recapturing his prize and not the lives he was ruining.

The dry conversations that were needed to resolve the past bitterness among many of the characters also showed up at the worst time possible. These talks were absolutely needed to allow the characters to grow, but it would have been nice if it wasn't done with actors poorly acting like another character during them. The scene when Hale and Kenzi first entered Ciara and Dyson's respective bodies was really hilarious at least. "Check me out! Kickin' it in the Wolf-man!"

Oddly, even the short action scene involving the Ash didn't have the feeling it should have, mainly since the actors involved were still having to act like someone else. The trap on the floor was a cool way to end the standoff, but there was no feeling of any emotion throughout this entire scene.

If anyone is going to make an episode that involves characters crossing bodies, please make sure the actors are up to the part. Not everyone did a bad job, Anna Silk, Kristen Holden-Reid and Lina Roessler all did a great job, and Zoie Palmer did have a bright spot during the scene in her lab, but everything else seemed too much like original characters acting lifeless or speaking in monotone.

On the bright side, we got more of a tip about the great evil coming, and Bo's part in it, from the Nain Rouge. Apparently the great Fae extinction is about to take place, and only Bo can stop it. We were also hinted that Bo's real name may be Ysabeau, and Trick seems to be far too familiar with that name. I can't put my finger on it, but I smell that he is either Bo's father or grandfather.

In the end, thankfully everyone was back to their proper bodies and bonding like never before. What does Trick know about Bo? What is up with the Ash having a severed head of his twin? How bad it Bo going to take the truth when it finally arrives? Are we going to have to wait for another 5 or 6 episodes to get answers for any of these questions? I really hope not.


Important Facts:

- Kenzi considers getting up at noon and taking a 2pm nap working hard.
- A Gorgon can inject their blood into others to enter someones body and experience all of their thoughts and feelings.
- Bo's real name is Ysabeau?
- The Ash has a severed head of his twin hidden in a chest.

Rating: 2/5

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