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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Death Didn't Become Him
Season 2 Episode 8 - Original Airdate 2011-11-14

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Death Didn't Become Him Review:
Never try to lick a Lich!

by Tyler Olson

Everyone should have an idea what a Lich is, right? Ugly looking undead creatures that normally are followed a horde of other types of undead. When it comes to the undead hierarchy, these things are almost always near the top. With insane mystical powers at their disposal, what in the world could persuade our favourite Succubus to venture after one?

I have no idea why anyone thought it was a good idea to let Bo head off on this mission, even with Dyson as backup, and especially when she took along Lauren without any sign of Dyson in their shadows. I understand wanting to help a friend of Trick get his husband back, but once they found out what they were dealing with, a new plan should have been thought out – one that involved a massive army armed to the teeth.

On the bright side, we did get a new and improved super Succubus after she was nearly killed. Now, she can feed at an incredible range and talks like the most powerful being in the universe (and even claims to be). Too bad it was only temporary, but it didn't take her long to figure out how to give life back to someone, so let's hope that Bo learns how to use this new power before the end of this season. With the new evil coming, she will likely need it... or is she the new evil?

You may have noticed a distinct lack of Kenzi in that story. That was because she was babysitting with Hale, or should I say making Hale regret taking the babysitting job. Since Dyson was 'helping' Bo with the new case, he tricked Hale in taking care of the Glaive's daughter Tori for the day.

Like any teenage TV daughter, Tori was all about breaking the rules, and Kenzi was just the girl to help her. Seriously, there appears to be only two types of teenage girls on TV; the careless party animal, or the silent geek. Perhaps writers should spend more time actually seeing how people behave for once.

This did give us most of the laughs of the episode, in typical Kenzi fashion, but also most of the disappointments. What the hell was Kenzi thinking during most of this event? Sure she found a new friend to let loose with, but she had to realize what she was putting Hale through. I am also surprised that Hale successfully kept it together throughout this, even when Kenzi made the very deadly mistake. Also, why didn't Dyson give Hale all the information before leaving him with her? Lastly, Kenzi and Hale don't know CPR? Isn't that a requirement for being a cop?

Oddly enough, even though this episode is filled with whys, it was still really entertaining. Plus, we got to see a Succubus drain the life from multiple people at once to heal herself, from across the room, while being chained to the ceiling, and dying from a fatal gun shot wound. It gave the word superhuman to a whole level of craziness. I would like to see any of the comic book superheroes do that!

Important Lessons:

-The Glaive is the Attorney General for all Faekind.
- Never mess around with a Lich unless you are more powerful than it is.
- Don't think to ourself when around a Telepath, especially about the Telepath.
- A Cheeno is a type of Fae that only eats human flesh.
- A Lich is a member of an ancient Egyptian royal family that found a means to keep themselves alive forever as part of their unending search for knowledge. The Lich eats flesh to feed his body and knowledge to feed his mind.
- Succubi either are more powerful than any type of Fae, or Bo is NOT just a Succubus.

Rating: 4/5

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