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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Fae Gone Wild
Season 2 Episode 7 - Original Airdate 2011-11-07

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Fae Gone Wild Review:
The strippers and the Hand of Glory.

by Tyler Olson


This series has rubbed arms with many of our myths when introducing new types of Fae and their history, so it was no surprise that they would get to the really good ones eventually. This week, we were introduced to two new types of creatures, the Bunyip and the Selkie, while following one of my favourite legends, the Hand of Glory.

It may come to many viewers surprise that the Hand of Glory is not some type of super sexual weapon used by the Fae, but an item that allows its wielder to be the best thief in the world. This candle, made from the fat of a killer who was hanged, and placed into the preserved dominant hand of the same killer, gives the person who holds it the power to unlock any door, while freezing time around them. Unfortunately, it has a nasty side effect of possessing the killers instinct, which often ends with the holders untimely death.

Given this history of this series, most would expect this to be an item sought after by the Dark Fae, but this was not a normal Lost Girl episode. In a surprising turn of events, Bo finds herself in Dyson and Hale's cross-hairs while she helps a group of Selkie break into one of the most secured safes in existence.

This brought us some of the best laughs, as well as the most eye candy this series has had yet. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear about all the cuts that were made on the Syfy version of this episode since nudity isn't very accepted on U.S. television. Kenzi and all the men watching the Selkie were in a deep trance much of the episode, and many of the female attracted viewers were likely in a very similar mindset. If it wasn't for Kenzi and Bo's jokes, this could have been passed off as any R-rated 'guys movie'.

On the character front, not much happened. Dyson's new old girlfriend is very wealthy and Lauren and Bo have opened up a bit about Nadia. With everything else happening in this episode, there wasn't much time for any extra character building.

Thankfully, there was finally a hint of the new big evil arriving. Trick has been monitoring a very disturbing trend of Light vs Dark Fae violence. Apparently random attacks are escalating and no one knows why. Is it due to Bo's mother still being alive, or is something even worse coming to drive these two factions into a new bloody war? Trick is already getting worried, but how long will it take before the rest of the group is aware of it, too?

This episode did a great job at balancing story with action and finally continued with new rising evil story that the season premiere teased us with. I just hope that the writers aren't going to leave us hanging as long as they did the last time.

Important Lessons:
- Beware gifts from the Morrigan - It could be rigged to unleash DNA unscrambling toxins, or house some sort of insect that will breed itself into a world-wide infestation.
- A Hand of Glory allows the one who holds it access to anywhere, and the more violent the killer was that was used to make the candle, the more powerful it is.
- A Selkie has powers similar to a Succubi, but they don't need to make physical contact in order to influence them. When they take their pelts off they are human, but exist in their original Seal form otherwise.
- A Bunyip is an evil water spirit that abducts women.
- Dark and Light Fae are starting to fight each other for an unknown reason. A side effect of Trick's Blood Magic, or Bo's involvement?

Rating: 4.5/5

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