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Lost Girl Quotes

Season 4

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Season 4 Episode 1: "In Memoriam"

Kenzi: Oh this is so Raiders! Here's hoping this Ark contains less Nazi face melting goodness.

Kenzi: Let me go, zombie boy.

Kenzi: And you need to be delivered to a dentist, buddy. You're breath smells like the anus of a yeti.

Kenzi: All Fae, baby! Feel the heat!

Kenzi: Hey, pobody's nerfect.

Dyson: Nice work, sparky.

Dyson: Just you and me and the thongs, right?

Dyson: Why would you be lonely with me here?

Kenzi: Are all wolves this romantic?

Kenzi: I remember you lady. You made Ash who talks like Batman go boom.

Kenzi: Oh, suede in this weather? You beautiful bad-ass.

Aife: Though, a Succubus' body is her weapon, so there would be no wear and tar, so to speak.

Kenzi: Lady, what you need is some kind of manager.

Kenzi: I blame Bieber fever.

Kenzi: Trout-ometrist, got it.

Trick: Just be careful out there! Evil comes in many faces!

Kenzi: I could be famous. I could be a Kardashian.

Kenzi: What, I keep tabs on wealthy Fae dealings... for my science.

Trick: Tell me everything you know about your client.

Vex: Yeah, well I'm as stubborn as I am well endowed, and I do love a good Mexican Standoff.

Vex: It's what miss died on the toilet would have wanted.

Dyson: Not man enough to finish the job?

Vex: Stop smiling at me you smug bitch!

Hale: You don't see me crying... in public.

Kenzi: You better be here to advise on accessories.

Kenzi: You didn't make me Fae, you tricked me!

Kenzi: You wanna see my skill set? Fine. I hope you stretched.

Clio: No, I'm Clio. Deja Vu came down with a case of the crabs.

Kenzi: Damn it! Act like you want to tear my clothes off!

Kenzi: Pirate-booty, sure. Stuffed unicorn, why not.

Engelram: Hello, pretty girl.

Dyson: I think I'd rather stay, rip his throat out.

Kenzi: Oh Cobra Commander.

Dyson: Weren't you the impotent dick last year?

Vex: Evan-escence!

Engelram: Oh my!

Aife: Hi daddy.

Dyson: I would give my life for you.

Aife: This is for her.

Season 4 Episode 2: "Sleeping Beauty School"

Dyson: I'm sure not going to hurt you... much.

Kenzi: I'm sure she's just super pumped from super-suckin' to death whatever ass-fart took her.

Kenzi: Oh my god, it's mini-me.

Dyson: Valkyries have many lives.

Tamsin: Peace out losers! I'ma go play.

Trick: Valkyries deal in the souls of the dead. They see so much carnage in one lifetime that sometimes they repress those memories in the next.

Trick: I've seen duck ponds with greater security. How are you still alive?

Dyson: Kenzi, you little thief.

Kenzi: This does not babysit.

Dyson: There's a lot of things Bo must never find out.

Trick: They are pulling people in for "interviews". Restoring order's a messy business; torture, death, man-hunts, pain... the usze.

Vex: That evil little tart is very irritatingly alive. I swear on the graves of my family.

Selene: Oh my Rod Stewart, it's been years.

Dyson: Good, all I got was a head massage.

Tamsin: What's a condom?

Kenzi: Why are you vibrating? Is that a Valkyrie thing?
Tamsin: I have to pee.

Kenzi: I present to you the Russian magic of Kenzlana.

Hale: I've had several fantasies that started just like this.

Dyson: This fantasy of yours... all the girls carry pokey things?
Hale: Nope, there was only one pokey thing, and it was mine.

Kenzi: Holy dildos! Is that Bo?

Tamsin: Do you think Bo's stuck in the card?

Dyson: I haven't seen one of these since my time in France.

Bo: You're right, Kenz, lock picking is a skill every woman should know.

Dyson: You say that again and I'll rip out your tongue.

Dyson: She has the most beautiful heart, and it breaks ever time someone she loves is hurting. She's brave, stubborn, passionate, true. She loves with all her being and I can't do any of this without her.

Eddymion: That was wonderful!

Lauren: I think that guy just slapped my butt with his eyes.

Crystal: Don't be too hard on yourself, princess.

Crystal: I've recorded the whole alien thing.

Eddymion: And the student becomes the teacher... I jest of course.

Kenzi: It took like five Avril Lavigne songs to get baby Tam-Tam a tick to play-time land.

Hale: Every time I walk in a room, you're all that I can look at.

Kenzi: Less talking, more everything else.

Kenzi: Holy Portia DeGeneres, Shakira, David Lee Roth!

Hale: What do I look like, Dr. Spock's Guide To Growing Valkyries?

Kenzi: If she keeps this up, she will be Betty White by Tuesday.

Tamsin: I feel super bizarro.

Eddymion: I've never had any so equal parts disgusting and delicious.

Clio: All he was doing was making babies.

Eddymion: O'er the sea and across the glen comes th great and noble Eddymion. Death and darkness he doth defy, try to kill him and he will not die.

Vex: Well, erect my nipples! You are a naughty little minx.

Season 4 Episode 3: "Lovers. Apart."

Julia: I hate this place. There is no wifi or anything, and it's a shit-hole.

Evony: Pity, I could have made you a star.

Crystal: This place is more organized than my shitty appartment.

Julia: Bitch, I think your brain broke.

Bo: Did somebody hit me?
Julia: Yeah, mom did.

Julia: Uh, can you not look at my dad like he's made out of hot dogs?

Clio: Fasten your seatbelt, loverboy.

Bo: Not so much father of the year, are we Ian?

Bo: Well, you know, dealing with weird shit is kinda what I do.

Evony: If there is one thing life has taught me is that I can definitely live without you.

Evony: The colour is called "Grow My Eyeball Back Or You Will Be Growing Back A Ball Of Your Own".

Evony: Don't disappoint me like Chanel Number Goo did.

Clio: My friend, Lazy John, was buried out here. He fell asleep against a tree, and then monkeys buried him.

Dyson: We shall never speak of this again.

Ian: You can't fix pure evil.

Jumbee: He's right, I am pure evil, and I've never felt better.

Crystal: And how sometimes big dreams will swallow you whole if you don't turn them into small ones instead.

Jumbee: What the hell are you?
Bo: Awesome on two legs.

Dyson: On death's door and still helping humans. At least you're still you.

Bo: Just a couple of things about me: I like leather, having a good time, and, in case you haven't noticed, I always meddle in things that don't concern me.

Clio: Come on, you've been around for a thousand years and you've never read a romance novel?

Bo: You know how I know you're gonna be okay? Because you've got balls as big as my best friend... who is a girl.

Clio: Money talks, and your buddy, Vex, has got boat-loads of it.

Bo: You picked the wrong girl to screw over because I like to make everything personal.

Season 4 Episode 4: "Turn to Stone"

Bo: Well, since I have to protect myself from all of these unknowns, I should get a hit... below the belt.

Bo: What was that?
Dyson: I don't know, old pipes?

Kenzi: Alright, more hooch, less tooch!

Tamsin: I'm not a baby, I'm almost two weeks old. Thank you.
Bo: Alright Tweener 'tude.

Kenzi: Well, sorry Mr. Spring Breaker. I promised Dyson I'd take you somewhere safe.

Kenzi: Bobo returns... with bonus features.

Kenzi: I'm done with the kiddie toys, it's Tonka Truck time.

Tamsin: Kenzi? Bo? Mulder? Scully?

Bo: It feels so good to be bad.

Dyson: And... I'm babysitting.

Kenzi: Where is my usual SUV and Venti Mocha Iced Latte?

Lauren: I'm done playing!

Crystal: You're a terrorist?

Lauren: This isn't about eco-terrorism, this is Light Fae bullshit.

Bo: What is it that makes everyone in my life lie to me?

Tamsin: Was I a good cop?

Tamsin: You forgot to start with "Once upon a time..."

Kenzi: Forget Trick, I'm the new Bo.

Mossimo: Oh, honey, you are trouble.

Bo: Never give a woman a haircut she doesn't want.

Mossimo: Holy shit!

Tamsin: I'm the harbinger of death. I arrive on wings of blessed air, air that you no longer deserve.

Mossimo: My mommy, she needs it, and I need her to need me.

Dyson: And all this time I though you slept in the bathtub.
Kenzi: No, only after All You Can Eat Rib Tuesdays.

Bo: Nice touch. Nothing like a little home decor with bite.

Bo: Here's a little something you should know: No one summons me. I go where I want, when I want, and if something tries to hurt me, I deal with it. I don't live by your rules. I will never live by your rules, and if you want to kill me for that, try.

Season 4 Episode 5: "Let the Dark Times Roll"

Bo: This is my town. If anyone's taking a leave it's you and your circle-jerk of doom.

Bo: What kind of boomerang-bitch are you?

Bo: I love you, Sazzafraz.

Evony: Imagine the unaligned succubus finally yanking her head from between her shapely legs and coming to the only side that matters.

Kenzi: He imprisoned your brassy beaver.

Evony: See, already getting the hang of being dark.
Kenzi: Really?! I mean, shut up!

Kenzi: This is the worst Dark Fae party we've ever been to.

Kenzi: Dark side for life!

Evony: I call that kismet.
Bo: Well, I call it kiss my ass while I walk away and do this on my own terms.

Pietra: I get to be part of something instead of having to devour sloppy seconds.

Kenzi: Oh, swizzlesticks!

Vex: Bo, my sultry little suckface.

Vex: If you don't stop gushing, I swear I'm going to slit my own bloody throat.

Vex: ♪♬ Come get your duds in order 'cause we're bound across the water. Heave away, my jollies, heave away. Come get your duds in order 'cause we're bound to leave tomorrow. Heave, my boys, we've all bound away. ♬♪

Kenzi: Find your wings, Brushi. Fly.

Bo: Our family is such a mess.

Season 4 Episode 6: "Of All the Gin Joints"

Kenzi: Hmm... kids, they are as cryptic as...
Bo: A witness signature on a dark contract?

Bo: Well, when Liza Fae-Nelli wakes up, let me know.

Evony: You would have killed at Studio 54, just like I killed the bus boy who served me tonic instead of soda.

Evony: Your hostessing skills – they suck ass, disco queen.

Trick: Balls of Minotaur!

Trick: You get your brains out of each other's pants, and get out of my barrel room!

Ianka: You promise me my wings and then you pluck my feathers so you can hear me sing.

Evony: Medicine and treatment meant for humans is best researched on humans.

Kenzi: After nearly four years of your nerve-shreading fiddle-dee-pluck-me-holy-clover-shoot-me-in-the-face music, I think I can handle it.

Bo: Somebody just crossed the wrong diva.

Lauren: Doctor's log, Stardate 3546.3. Sitting on the couch with Evony, aka the Morrigan, who seems suspiciously human.

Lauren: You and Bo need liquid Argon to add to the barrels of your homemade merlot in order to avoid oxidation?

Bo: Little me and their little toys.

Bo: Looks like Tweety and Sylvester have flown the coop.

Bo: Go get 'em, wolfy.

Bo: Come on, let's go kick some serious ass!

Bo: What is this, Soul Train?

Kenzi: Oh, Mother of Metallica this hurts!

Ianka: Your heart is what you want it to be.

Kenzi: Holy high-pitched hangover.

Evony: The higher you climb the more you realize that you're surrounded by sycophants and assassins.

Evony: Own it, girlfriend.

Evony: You are team dark now, I can taste it.

Season 4 Episode 7: "La Fae Époque"

Kenzi: What, who you guys have never played "capture the monk" before? Spice it up thirty-ninth devision!

Hale: I'm sorry, was that too loud for you?

Kenzi: Latin is a dead language.

Lauren: It's sort of a think dark to be Dark kind of thing.

Cassie: I thought you might be "the One". The unaligned succubus fighting to lead the Fae into a new era.

Bo: Dyson, you handsome devil.

Trick: You're powerful, Dyson. Capable of more. Of good.

Bo: Shoes... shoes... milkmaids... boobs.

Bo: Looks like Dyson's enjoying this too.

Bo: No, Flora slash Lauren isn't done singing yet... in French!

Hale: Is this what you call justice? Peace?

Bo: So this is happening... for investigative purposes, right?

Flora: Time is a game played beautifully by children.

Dyson: I'm glad you're here. Now at least I won't be bored.

Dyson: I think it's time I start training you.
Kenzi: For what?
Dyson: To be a Shadow Thief.
Kenzi: A Shadow-what?
Dyson: Interested?
Kenzi: Yeah! It sounds like a friggin' Xbox game.

Lauren: Trick can...
Cassie: Suck my left tit!

Kenzi: I just stole your last words? Oh my god I suck!

Bo: Glad you finally got the memo.

Kenzi: This tastes like warm squishy love.

Trick: You're a hero Dyson. It is written. It's your destiny.

Season 4 Episode 8: "Groundhog Fae"

Dyson: Should we help?
Lauren: No, it's good for us... I mean her. I mean, I think it's therapeutic.

Bo: Oh, bitch, I am the naughty list.

Kenzi: Now are my favourite nut crackers.

Kenzi: Buy a girl a drink first, horny.

Kenzi: My Kenzi-sense is tingling.

Tamsin: Doesn't matter, you're gonna remember any of this in two seconds.

Bo: 'Cause this song just gets better and better.

Bo: Time and get our yule on!

Tamsin: Here? In front of everybody?
Bo: Oh, they won't remember. Besides, tell me this wasn't on your list.

Vex: Come to Team Vex, where he shall be chosen most worthy of Bo's box.

Tamsin: Well, that's new, and definitively bad.

Dyson: Drunken surgery! I'll be the nurse.
Vex: Ooh, this is gettin' kinky.

Hale: That's just my love train pulling into your tunnel of love.

Hale: Sweet Christmas!

Kenzi: Are you kidding me? The Casanova of Clan Zamora?

Kenzi: Everyone deserves a second chance.

Tamsin: It's okay, I've been naughty, but now I'm gonna be candy!

Bo: Buddy, you are ten pounds of crazy in a two-pound bag!

Tamsin: "Holy" shit!

Krampus: There's a darkness in you, my child, enough to make candy for centuries, maybe even longer.

Krampus: Sour become sweet, naughty is nice, guilt becomes glue and denial is a river in Africa.

Tamsin: I'm sorry moms.

Season 4 Episode 9: "Destiny's Child"

Kenzi: Okay, just wait a minute Batty Hurst!

Bo: Kenzi, if you have a Hel Shoe in your boot collection, now's the time...

Trick: I feel like I'm in a room full of children!

Trick: If he is such a great man, why doesn't he show his face? Why does he hide behind cheap lies and theatrics?
Hugin: Hmm... I really don't know. But perhaps you can tell me why the Blood King has to hide behind a bar at a local watering hole.

Lauren: Where she goes, we go.

Kenzi: Trickster, why are you PMSing over that gorgeous, smoky, crowy ass-face hot jerk?

Kenzi: You're freakin' Yoda! Force must use problems to answer find, yes?

Trick: I don't have time to explain myself to a human and a low-life.

Hugin: Some call it hell, some call it the netherworld, I call it France.

Hugin: Dumb as dog-shite, but a poet none-the-less.

Hugin: One for sorrow.
Bo: Two for mirth.
Hugin: Three for a funeral.
Bo: Four for birth.
Hugin: Five for heaven.
Bo: Six for hell.
Munin: And seven is the Devil... his own self.

Dao-Ming: Are you really going to stand there and lie to a Luduan?

Trick: She's back at the UN?
Dao-Ming: Facebook.

Trick: I am the first son of this Earth. I am the one to be worshipped!

Leviathan: I am black as night and as bright as day, as cold as March and as warm as May. What am I?

Tamsin: More irresponsible than the time we snuck into the Veterans' hospital and switched a chart because you were having bad period cramps?

Bo: She's brilliant, he's strong. Her life is short, his life is long. Both loves are pure, both loves are true. If you were I, who would you choose?

Dyson: Shut it or I'll tear your throat out!
Lauren: And I'll pump you so full of Fae STDs that your little egg fertilizers will just drop right off.

Dyson: I could disembowel them, let them swim around in their own entrails for a little while. That's painful!

Lauren: I could inject them with a larvae of the Fae Bot Fly. The little bugger would take over their central nervous system, make them do all sorts of horrible things to themselves. You know, self mutilation, internal bleeding...

Trick: I created all of this, didn't I?

Dao-ming: Even you cannot escape fate.

Tamsin: I must take his soul. He belongs to me!

Trick: If it wasn't written by me, then what importance could it have?

Trick: No one will remember Rainer, the defiant.

Tamsin: What ever you do, don't trust Trick.

Bo: He's my destiny.

Season 4 Episode 10: "Waves"

Kenzi: ...And we're breaking things.

Rainer: Be still my heart. Another brunette.

Kenzi: Check your panties! Anyone missing any panties?

Kenzi: Can you believe Diana got our roles wrong?
Dyson: Shocking.

Kenzi: Dyson one, man dresser zero.

Kenzi: If this goes Aliens I am Sigourney Weaver-ing outta there.

Kenzi: Looks like someone never missed squats day.

Dyson: Flowers for my favourite doctor comin' up!

Lauren: Can that sentence be mistaken for some other sentence?

Lauren: What is it Dyson? A flesh eater?
Kenzi: Sharknado?
Dyson: Worse. Mermaids!

Kenzi: I have lied awake at night my entire life thinking of the marvellous mer-day when I would meet a fin-flapping seashell bra wearing Daryl Hannah.

Bo: I keep barking until I get answers.

Rainer: We all have our burdens.
Bo: True, but yours happens to be a pain in my ass, Wanderer.

Tad: Does your leave-in shampoo seep into your scalp and affect yours?

Darren: Climbing the corporate ladder is one thing, but crawling through the corporate vent is a dead end.

Kenzi: Tahiti Sunset!

Dyson: You feel like sushi?

Kenzi: For a species without assholes you sure act like ones.

Darren: It's perfect – you get the doctor's, Diana gets the squirmy one's, and I upgrade to wolf legs.

Darren: Goodbye seashells, hello Victoria Secret.

Rainer: What if I'm a monster? What then?
Bo: Then I'll kill you myself.

Bo: Breaking curses is kinda my thing.

The Keeper: If you do this, if you follow him, you will suffer a fate beyond your worst nightmares; a fate even worse than your own whore of a mother's! You will be dragged beneath Irkalla, damned like the spawn of evil that you are!

Season 4 Episode 11: "End of a Line"

Kenzi: Taking a break from athletic shower sex post-slaughtering the Una Mens?

Kenzi: We called him Mopey Dick.

Bo: This is usually the part where you die.

Tamsin: You're supposed to be dead!

Tamsin: What do you really know about Crazy Train?

Kenzi: Seriously, would I leave a dead body on the floor if her boyfriend was coming over?

Trick: The Pyrippus, that's real evil.

Trick: I should have been a better king.

Acacia: Aw, look. Your boyfriend sent a grunting telegram.

Dyson: Sorry I'm late. Traffic was a bitch.

Bo: You get on the wrong side of her again and I won't leave you enough Chi to turn and cough.

Harvey: If it isn't my favourite ball-busting overly-accessorized Valkyrie. So when did you trade in bitchy and blond for a brunette with bouncy Christmas hams?

Harvey: Boring! Rip her shirt open!

Galina: Mackenzie? Why are you so mad, baby?

Tamsin: I helped make him the Wanderer.

Acacia: Massimo told me he built this from scratch. Ugh... dirty, lying, son-of-a grave robbing...

Hale: From the moment we met and I saw who you are through those ridiculously beautiful blue eyes, I knew you were the one. Nobody makes me laugh like you do. Nobody makes me want to be a better man. No one does the exact opposite of everything that I say like you do. Lil' Mama...
Kenzi: Oh my god...
Hale: Will you marry me?

Bo: Be at peace!

Kenzi: You're just a coward who doesn't value herself, so how can she value her own children?

Bo: You can't always choose your path, Dyson.
Dyson: You seem to.

Acacia: What are you going to do, Tamsin? Gonna go find yourself a little wolf, settle down, squeeze out a couple of puppies?

Dyson: Haven't felt this alone in centuries. Feels good.

Tamsin: Stop thinking. You're always thinking.

Hale: I hope you had a good life, Druid.

Kenzi: You are so god-damned selfish! You always say you want to help people, but you only ever help yourself. I will never forgive you!

Season 4 Episode 12: "Origin"

Dyson: He was a man of complexities. A traditionalist with a modern style. An old soul with the optimism of one just born.

Kenzi: I think I might scream.

Rosette: I am a knight from the order of Raina and I pledge my fealty to my Queen.

Rosette: There will be more funerals if you do not heed my message.

Bo: Look, I don't give a shit about prophecies, or seeds, or pyrippuses. This is my family, and they need me.

Massimo: Well, well, well. Look what the puss dragged in.

Massimo: Can you imagine the disappointment that he would have eventually felt knowing that he was forever bound to your pathetic, weak, human ass?

Dyson: Do you think I don't want to tear his heart out and eat it in front of him? I do! But there are larger things at stake here than revenge.

Kenzi: First you betray me, now Dyson betrays me.

Evony: You think that just because the Una Mens went tits-up that things will just fall into place?

Evony: Everything would be easier if the Succubus was dead.

Trick: Evony, you're not going to kill my granddaughter.

Bo: What is it with my family and blood?

Lauren: Everything that I do is for you.

Bo: I chose you and you broke my heart.

Lauren: I'm a human in a Fae world, something that's been difficult to reconcile over the years, something that's made me feel weak and small, and you've given me strength and confidence.

Lauren: You know, the Light kept me imprisoned; they made me wear a dog collar disguised as a necklace. The Dark gave me respect, freedom, trusted me with their research.

Evony: Honey, I don't need to claim your clam to claim you.

Sister Epona: You are more beautiful than I expected.

Kenzi: I didn't call you for cuddles, Vex. I need to get revenge.
Vex: Absolutely! Revenge is my middle name... Well, second middle, actually... after Chauncey. It's a family thing. Don't judge.

Kenzi: Vex, I need the real you. Killer, crooked, cocky, dirty-to-the-deed, Vex

Bo: If he is evil, then a part of me must be evil as well.

Bo: History really likes the ugly.

Kenzi: I am so sick of Fae and your blood oath bull shit!

Evony: It's like being a virgin all over again.

Lauren: Are you trying to melt me? That's adorable.

Tamsin: The Queen doesn't just mean The Queen.
Dyson: Bo, it means you're the One.

Evony: How can I trust an albatross so utterly fantastic at failing?

Bo: You don't like me very much, do you, horse whisperer?

Bo: Hand-fasting? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. Been there, done that with a Loki at a cheesy Niagara hotel.

Rosetta: The Dark Lord rises from Hel!

Season 4 Episode 13: "Dark Horse"

Trick: I knew you were poison.
Rainer: This from the king who separated families and had children watch as their parents were burned at the stake if they didn't choose between light and dark.

Rainer: We bound to break your curse, instead we opened the gateway to Hel.

Rainer: When will you take responsibility for the chaos you caused?

Massimo: First a human, then a monster, and now a god... A god with the twig of Zamora.

Lauren: Way to go, Massimo! Way to go!

Lauren: Now your only chance to be immortal is for someone to write a shitty pop song about you. About a villain who cries about his mommy whose hair goes prematurely grey.

Bo: I have hybrid blood.
Trick: Blood that I fear will help your father escape.

Bo: Would you stop talking about me like I'm not here?

Massimo: Why not swing by my place? It's where I got your blond box, though she's more of a walking medical kit, really.

Massimo: Oh my dear magic muff, all I want is you... dead at the Morrigan's feat.

Kenzi: I've been waiting for years to do that.

Massimo: What's the matter Bo-Bo? You look a little peaked.

Trick: You stole the seed from my vault?
Massimo: And I swallowed it whole. Yum, yum.

Rainer: Tell the Valkyrie "my soul is her's again".

Bo: Where's a hot Kitsune med student when you need one, huh?

Tamsin: Why don't you suck it up and get your shit together?

Bo: You taste different... Happy.

Bo: Daddy Darko waited thirty years to show up, he can wait another hour.

Bo: No piece of paper is going to tell me who I am.

Dyson: All my life I've been searching for a king when what I should have been searching for is a queen.

Dyson: My blood is yours, my soul, my body. I swear fealty to you, Isabeau, because no matter where you come from, or what made you, by your side is where I want to be, forever.

Bo: So what do you say, cowboy? Should we break some fillies?
Dyson: Giddy up.

Bo: Go big or go Hel.

Bo: I am the Queen, whether you swear it or not, fool, and my true army commeth.

Bo: You ready for a threesome?
Dyson: And you're saying I need new material?

Evony: Oh, relax. You're gonna wear out your big boy pants.

Trick: You're not really my type.
Evony: Because I'm human? A mother?
Trick: Hmph. A stone-cold bitch.

Evony: God, being human sucks.

Evony: A mother's work is never done.
Trick: Neither is a grandfather's.

Bo: Maybe it's time I got a little out of control.

Dyson: Hold back the armies of Hel... I thought you would never ask, my queen.

Lauren: You are a psycho loser with a brain full of shit that you don't even know how to use.

Bo: It sounds like you might be allergic to Origin Seed. I got your EpiPen right here. What do you say, Druid, a little prick to end a big prick?

Lauren: First things first, let's kill this mother lover.

Trick: Time to stop dwelling in the past and get to fixing the future.

Massimo: You let her go or I'll blow your bitch brains all over your girlfriend's face!

Bo: Life for a life, that is the Fae way.

Bo: At least we'll die a family.

Trick: Destiny, it has a sick sense of fun.

Bo: You really are Dark.
Lauren: No, Bo, I'm yours.

Lauren: Get out of here, Succubus. Destiny's calling.

Bo: But I'm done crying, I'm done being scared. No one else will die on my watch.


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