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Lost Girl

TV Episode Details:

Food For Thought


Series: Lost Girl
Season #: 1
Episode #: 6
Original Airdate: 2010-10-24
TV Network: Showcase
Original Runtime: 60 minutes




Lost Girl: Food For Thought
Season 1 Episode 6 - Original Airdate 2010-10-24

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"Food For Thought" Episode Summary
Season 1, Episode 6

Written By: Pamela Pinch
Directed By: John Fawcett

While tagging after Lauren and Bo in the Fae world, Kenzi becomes deathly ill (and incredibly grossed-out) when she inadvertently eats some toxic human soup at the home of an Aswang - sending Bo and Lauren on a daring undercover mission in search of a cure, at a powerful pharmaceutical company.

As Bo and Lauren race to save Kenzi, they are each forced to face their varying control issues – with surprising results – underscoring their growing attraction and the beginning of a possible relationship.

Source: Showcase

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