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Dark Horse

Season 4, Episode 13 Aired: 2014-02-16

Lost Girl: Dark Horse Review

Against the Forces of Hel

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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This fourth season of Lost Girl has been undoubtedly the most entertaining and fun so far, and that's before you throw in the epic storyline involving Hel! So, of course this season finale was going to be of the same amazing cloth, only with even more awesomeness!

Most TV series ends a season with an epic battle against a powerful villain, but Lost Girl decided to double it up this year. With the threat of the Seed Eater and the waves of revenants from Hel, there was so much fighting it felt like the entire episode was all action.

However, even with the fierce pace, there was still more than enough time to keep us giggling as Lost Girl so often does with its quirking banter and one-liners. Don't believe me? Just check out our quotes for this episode; there were so many fantastic lines!

It wasn't all fun and adventure, though. Like much of this season, the emotional moments just kept on coming. Some moments, like when Lauren and Dyson reaffirmed their fealty to Bo, made us warm and fuzzy inside. Although, it was the darker moments that we will all remember for years to come.

Doesn't it suck when you just can't stop eating?

The first death was kind of expected, thanks to the prophecies in the past couple episodes, but it was still really hard to watch. There's something about watching someone helpless to stop their loved one from dying that really pulls on the heartstrings. Although, even this death scene was nothing compared to what came later.

The sacrifice was so emotionally heart-breaking that even eclipsed the earlier huge death this season. Why do all the good-hearted characters always have to die? If you didn't shed at least one tear during her farewell I suspect you probably just don't have any tear ducts. Of all the souls in this series, her's will definitely be the most missed.

With so much death this season, next year could be something completely new. The three characters who were lost had a huge impact on the series so far, so unless the other Hel Shoe drops quickly, new characters are likely to be introduced. They will never be able to fill the roles of the other characters, especially the last one, but I don't doubt that they will be anything other than fantastic. Bring on the next season! Hel, even better yet, also give us a Hel-based spin-off series with our lost characters, too! I doubt Lost Girl fans would complain if we got two series at the end of the year.


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