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Season 4, Episode 12 Aired: 2014-02-09

Lost Girl: Origin Review


Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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So this was the second last episode of Lost Girl for the season – an episode which should set the stage for an epic season finale. Did it succeed? Well...

The condition of Bo's circle of allies is basically shattered. Kenzi is pissed off at the world and is blaming everyone she can, and the way everyone is acting, I kind of see her point. Seriously, with the coming storm, everyone is so wrapped up in Bo and her destiny that no one is even paying attention to the casualties. Also, why didn't they strip-search him for that stick? He needed to have it on him for it to work, right?

The woman just lost someone important in her life... how about helping her grieve!

Lauren is another one that has been forced away thanks to Bo's sudden shift in attitude. At least she is doing something interesting with that free-time, though. A method of turning a Fae into a human is a fantastic twist, especially with the coming evil. Who knows, maybe they can just give the evil ones the cure and send them off to become Dr. Evil, or something. I don't understand how she got captured, though. There is no reason she would have been easily taken when catching the conspirators. Talk about a huge plot hole.

However, Bo's choices aren't just forcing friends away, they are also bringing about the end of everything. With how often she has been duped before, and the warnings surrounding her new love, I would have thought she would have seen this coming, though. Even though everyone else was trying to stop her at every turn, the horse worshipers protecting that final object should have made her stop.

Actually, Bo's attitude throughout this entire season been off. After 3 years, I would hope that we viewers would know her enough, but it was like we got an entirely new, over-trusting Bo when she returned. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out later that her memories were altered and she really was brainwashed.

At least it sounds like we are really going to finally meet Bo's father. This hidden man has been lurking in the shadows for so long that it's about time this final piece of Bo's identity is revealed. How he and Aife get together if he was imprisoned anyway?

So, did it succeed at being a fantastic build-up? Definitely! Nothing sets the stage than a Dark Lord returning from another dimension and another man gaining godlike powers. Sadly, it didn't get there without stepping on toes and leaving holes in the plot. It could have definitely been worse, though.


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