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End of a Line

Season 4, Episode 11 Aired: 2014-01-26

Lost Girl: End of a Line Review

Epically Mind-blowing!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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This has been the most unbelievable season of Lost Girl yet, but End of a Line takes it to a whole new level in so many ways. Calling it an insanely emotional roller-coaster ride wouldn't even begin to do it justice. Just when you think your mind is blown, something even bigger comes along.

It all starts when the girls are settling in to watch a zombie movie when a real zombie attacks causing the Fae friends to head out to battle while Kenzi is left cleaning the mess. This was actually a great way to separate the two stories, but yet keep them connected throughout the entire episode, regardless of how different they were.

The zombie story was... well, come on, it had zombies! Lots of zombies! It also had a dead controlling voodoo witch and a blood drinking zombie pimp. Just what every zombie story needs. This was far more entertaining than the trash we've been getting in the latest zombie movies (which isn't really that hard since they have been horrible lately), partially due to the wonderful character interactions we've come to love.

Two Valkyries, a Werewolf, and a Succubus... that could probably defeat a small human army!

I thought it would be Lauren who would get the wolfster, but instead it is Tamsin who wants to settle down and have puppies, as Acacia put it (that's right, she's back!). Who knew? Wow, when Bo goes off the deep-end she really mixes things up.

Let's just hope that Rainer is everything Bo hopes he is or she might be standing alone against him. It does appear that we might have an identity thief to deal with in the future, too. If Bo's new boy-toy isn't the person who contracted the Valkyries to get Bo last season, then who is really pulling the strings? Could it be the Pyrippus? This Wanderer story is only getting more and more twisted as it continues.

Although, if you thought all the excitement would be just about zombies and the undead you would be grossly mistaken. The big events didn't surround Bo, Dyson, Tamsin, or even Trick. It was Kenzi and Hale who had one of the biggest OMG events of the series, and it only got more massive from there. Everything was so emotional I almost had to pause everything to let the huge flood of emotions catch up. There are huge world-shattering events, and then there is what happened to them. Talk about a string of events any Lost Girl fan would never want to miss!

Only two episodes left, and, to make it even more excruciatingly painful, we have to wait an extra week for it to return so it can take a Groundhog Day break. Let's just hope we don't get trapped like Bill Murray causing the wait to feel even longer. If Lost Girl was available in pill form, I'm sure Canada would have a wide-spread drug problem for the next two weeks, and likely the summer.


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