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Destiny's Child

Season 4, Episode 9 Aired: 2014-01-12

Lost Girl: Destiny's Child Review

Not the Wanderer We Were Looking For

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After almost two full seasons of teasing about this mysterious Wanderer, the time for his arrival has finally come, only, surprise, it isn't who we all thought it would be. Of course, it required an adventure to find him which involved fighting a murder of Crows and taking a trip to the Netherworld.

It certainly was an odd trip, though. The graveyard fight was hilarious, but predictable, and the encounter with the Leviathan was just weird. I'm fine with the riddle idea, but there should have been a larger battle than just two questions. Sure, with the time constraints and everything else going on, there wasn't a lot of time for a real contest, but I am sure they could have fit in at least one more riddle each. Even if they just hinted that they were bouncing riddles between each other would have been fine.

The other stories were much more informative, though. We all knew that Trick was a cruel bastard when he was king, but the tastes we got from his past definitely puts the old Trickster in a whole new light. It also explains why the Una Mens are so mean, too. They are, after all, just filling the role he left vacant when he stepped down. Let's just hope that his recovered memories doesn't turn him back down that dark path again.

Maybe it's a good thing they are always ready for a fight.

I found it odd that Bo treated Lauren and Dyson will slightly less affection than she used to since her return, but I just thought it was because she was traumatized from her forgotten experiences. Even that didn't explain the way she treated them this week, which set off every alarm possible. This definitely isn't our Bo any more. Could she just be under his spell like people are when she uses her moves on them, or is this something even larger?

If Bo really does drop Lauren and Dyson for this new boy, who her grandfather will certain disapprove of, perhaps those two will get together instead. They definitely showed great chemistry together, not counting their twisted violent sides. It would be a shame to lose Bo's sessions with the good doctor and the protective wolf, but at least something good could come out of it if they stay together.

This does leave one huge question, though. If Rainer is not the father we are looking for, who is? He is obviously someone of great power, so when they do finally figure it out, it should be much more exciting than just this trapped soul mate.

After such an amazing season so far, I had such high hopes for this encounter that I can't help feeling disappointed. It wasn't bad, just not as amazing as I expected. Maybe this will just end up being a complete lie and the man we think is Rainer will just be exposed as some pretender. After all, Trick and Tamsin know the real deal, right?

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