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La Fae Époque

Season 4, Episode 7 Aired: 2013-12-22

Lost Girl: La Fae Époque Review

Memories of Fate

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Last week's sudden arrest left us with many questions and concerns, so thankfully we weren't left hanging too long to find out what really happened. We knew that Dyson's past has been a checkered one, but who would have thought that the wolf was once so close to bringing on the Fae Apocalypse?

Very often I find flashbacks underwhelming since it very few series can get it right, but I'm glad to see that Lost Girl has learnt a thing or two to make them both entertaining and informative. In a way, this wasn't really a full flashback, but that is what made it stand out as being something so much better, which I hope the writers can recreate in the future since the merge between Dyson and Bo's memories was a fantastic idea. I loved Vex as the royal pain and Kenzi as the Angel waiter, but it was Lauren as the famous singer that stole the show.

Who knew that Kenzi was an Angel beneath all that shadow play?

Beyond the amazing entertainment the characters provided, the reveal that everything we've seen this season may all be because of the existence of a pair of shoes is so outrageous that I can't help being amused. What are we going to learn next, if the wearer clicks the heels together three times all Fae around them will immediately become human?

On top of that, Bo has been revealed to be some destined hero to usher in a new era of Fae kind! Wait, didn't I hope something like that was going to happen a few episodes ago? I'm surprised this legend of an unaligned succubus didn't surface before. Could Rainer be responsible for its sudden emergence, or was this yet more public knowledge that they have been keeping from Bo? If so, it would explain why the Light and Dark would have wanted her so badly, and why the Una Mens relaxed a bit when they found out Bo was suddenly Dark.

With just six episodes left in this season, I doubt the battle royale will happen this season, but since season 5 is the normal time to end a series it might be closer than we might think. I can't think of a happier ending than the Fae entering a new amazing age, which will likely be much more peaceful with Humans, but part of me is hoping it is still a very long way off. Five seasons seems too short for a series this loved, especially when this season has been so exceptional.

Regardless, I just hope everyone survives until then. After all, who knows what the side-effects of Lauren's involvement in the memory will have, or what the Una Mens will bring down upon them if they get their feet inside those fated shoes.


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