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Of All the Gin Joints

Season 4, Episode 6 Aired: 2013-12-15

Lost Girl: Of All the Gin Joints Review

Sweet Songs of Death and Memories

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Even with the shift to the Dark alignment, it appears that Bo and Kenzi's cases will remain the same. Sure, they will have a few darker friends to call on, and might lash out more violently than in the past, but they still aren't willing to turn around a good call for help... especially if it comes with a gift for Bo.

The idea that Bo made friends while wandering the world will definitely add a new level of complexity to their lives while dealing with the normal Fae insanity. It is obvious that the writers will continue to pull the story down the contract path, even though I like Bo being a member of the Dark, so this should mean that Rainer is bound to show up eventually, but it still looks like this path is going to be a long one, possibly lasting the entire season. I don't mind the Una Mens as being this season's big bad, although I really hoped we would get a taste of the Wanderer by now.

Surprisingly, Evony doesn't seem like that bad of a person any more. I'm not sure if her attitude lately is just to get what she wants, but compared to the former Light leaders she is down right friendly. This is definitely a different side of the Morrigan! Maybe it is really true that Light and Dark are just titles and don't really mean anything.

Oh, and someone really needs to make and market this beer!

There is even more good news! After so many years of them dancing around the subject, Kenzi and Hale are finally together! It's like a match made in... fairy dust. Now, how long will it take before the Una Mens break them up like they seem to be doing with the Wolfubous?

What I don't understand about the ending is why they are ignoring Bo, unless it isn't their relationship that they are angry with. But if it isn't the Light and Dark love taboo, then what law did he violate that is drawing the wrath of the enforcers? Whatever it is, I doubt this will be one choice the Una Mens will regret making... if they can figure out how to negate their mirroring ability.

With everything else on the winter hiatus, the next two episodes are surely to feel extra special, and with the amazing episodes so far this season, I doubt it will be anything but the fantastically dark kind.


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