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Let the Dark Times Roll

Season 4, Episode 5 Aired: 2013-12-08

Lost Girl: Let the Dark Times Roll Review

... Don't Let Them Knock You Around

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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It has taken a few seasons, but the time for Bo to finally admit that she's not a good cookie has finally come, and yet she is still as confused as ever.

Bo may not have embraced the dark so willingly, but her friends are definitely starting to look more dark than light. Sure, Kenzi may not like the way they steal parties, but she is definitely enjoying herself, and Tamsin has been dark from the beginning so there is no surprises there. I totally saw those two not having too much of a problem, but I never expected Lauren to throw in the towel so quickly... Okay, maybe after the way she was treated by two of the past Ash I can understand, and they are offering her protection, so maybe her choice shouldn't be such a shock after all. That still leaves Dyson, Hale and Trick, who are all hanging out on the other side of the fence.

Actually, it should be more like Trick are sitting atop the Light's fortress getting ready to lay down the law. I thought that Hale made a terrible Ash, even if he was better than the other fools, but Trick has the potential of being the best one of them all. He already has so much leadership experience behind him, which the Una Mens still have no clue about, so he should finally be able to pull the reigns on the Light and steer them toward something more white and less grey.

Come to the dark side... our dance-offs are to the death!

We have no idea what Hale and Dyson think about all these shifts since they were MIA for the entire episode, but I can't see them happy with the changes. Is it possible they will join their lovers with the dark, or will they work with Trick to possibly bridge the gaps?

Of course, it would be so much better if Bo just took control of her life and replaced Evony as the Morrigan. I can't see her taking orders for too long, especially from someone who's been a thorn in her tush for so long, so perhaps that plan will soon begin, once she just gives up looking for the witness to her decision, anyway. The Una Mens won't be pleased, but if she does take control of the Dark that would leave a very powerful family in power of all the Fae in the area, which might even lead to a unification of the two. Maybe that's what Rainer had planned when he shifted Bo over.

So far this is definitely one fantastic season of Lost Girl, probably even the best one! Who knew the dark side could be so fun, even without lightsabers and Death Stars.


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