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Turn to Stone

Season 4, Episode 4 Aired: 2013-12-01

Lost Girl: Turn to Stone Review

The Coming Darkness

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With Bo finally back home, the time has come for her to pick up the pieces from the chaos that ensued in her absence, but was anyone expecting so many twists?

Very few viewers picked up on Evony's comment about Mossimo's race last week, so this week's full announcement and his plants felt extra special. With his large role in the Dark Fae plans last season, plus the trap he made for Bo, I never expected him to be a lonely human disguising himself to gain the power he needed to help a family member, especially with him being so emotionally fragile. I guess this does explain why he never could make Kenzi permanently Fae, though. Since humans need to claimed, who was his owner?

The truth of the Druid's background was huge, but Tamsin's reveal was even more incredible. Just think, at the start of the last season we didn't even hear about Valkyries, but now we know almost as much about Tamsin as we do Bo. Could this be a clue that we are about to see two very powerful Dark Fae fighting side-by-side in order to reshape the future of the Fae?

Who knew that a harbinger of death was so beautiful?

That's right, Bo's alignment has finally been announced, and as we all suspected last season, she is going to the dark side. I can't see her following Evony's orders for long, so I expect the Dark Fae hierarchy to change very quickly. It would be a great twist to usher in a new age with Bo taking the reigns on that leadership with the Harbinger of Death at her side. Who knows, if they play their cards right, this could be the beginning of Bo ruling the Light and Dark as their queen, just as she prophesied way back during her first mass feeding.

Although, I am certain that this news will cause a few major fractures in her group of super-friends. I am sure they will try to show their support, but, being Light Fae, there will certainly be a few issues they will have with her choices, especially if the new Ash is as big of a jerk as he seems.

We haven't seen him/her yet... hell, we don't even know for sure that the Ash is the one holding Lauren and Crystal, but if he is, he might be the next pain in the backside. This would be a good thing, though, since it will provide the perfect reason for everyone to stick together with a common foe to combat.

So far, the Una Mens have been hinted as being that negative big bad, but with their attitude with Bo, I'm beginning to think that they might be future allies instead. Their method to fixing Fae problems may be very different from Bo's, but if they are both after the same goal they could become great friends... or bitter rivals who will get in the way at every possible opportunity. With so many twists this season, almost anything is possible.


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