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Lovers. Apart.

Season 4, Episode 3 Aired: 2013-11-24

Lost Girl: Lovers. Apart. Review

Ghost Love Story

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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The first two episodes of this season of Lost Girl were extraordinary, but we all knew that the series couldn't hold that level of quality forever. Thankfully, even if it wasn't as perfect as the others, "Lovers. Apart" was still an amazing and fun ride, even if some of the cast was MIA.

Kenzi-less episodes are often quite dull, but, thanks to the guest stars, her absence wasn't nearly as noticeable this time. Almost everything we came to love about what Kenzi brings to the series was neatly packaged into Clio and Julia, and together they kept an otherwise serious episode filled with laughter. Clio might be down and out for a while, but I hope that Julia shows up the future. I think Julia and Kenzi would make one hell of team with their similar personalities.

Perhaps with a life on the street, she may have even been just like Kenzi.

It wasn't just because of the crazy behaviour from Clio and Julia that made it better, but also the ridiculous action that kept most of the episode sprinting onward at a furious pace. But, is it just me, or were the humans a bit too understanding of the reason for their possessive encounter? Even worse, it seemed like their dialogue almost completely fell off the map once Dyson caught up to Bo. I understand that the parents were a little out of their league, but I think it would have been a better if they were at least clumsily part of the action.

I am starting to wonder where the hell the Wanderer is, though. After all the buildup during the last season, I expected him to play a huge part in this season's story, but, so far, he hasn't even shown up once. Now that most of the crew is together again, maybe it will be time for him to finally make his appearance.

It is a pity about Lauren. It finally felt like her bad luck finally broke, but now she is possibly in deeper trouble than ever. Could Crystal be some type of Fae that was sent to look for her, or could a new human Fae-hating group be about to announced? Please don't be the hate group, I really hate those groups.

I'm not sure yet about Evony, though. When it was teased that Vex captured her, and that she later escaped, I expected a rapid re-takeover of the Dark Fae, not a trip to a beauty salon and a trail of goo. I think it would have added so much more if she just embraced her damage, kept the eye patch, and twisted into an even more evil and ruthless villain than she was before. She will need to stay ahead of the Una Mens, though, or her new pristine look might be permanently ruined, just like the dead lovers.

In all, "Lovers. Apart." was still a fantastic episode, even with its few annoyances. I really hope that Lost Girl doesn't fall into its old pattern again once everyone is back together.


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