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In Memoriam

Season 4, Episode 1 Aired: 2013-11-10

Lost Girl: In Memoriam Review

The Search for the Lost Girl

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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It has felt like years has past since the last Lost Girl episode, but even then, it is hard to forget what happened. Although, it is the knowledge of those past events that made this season's premiere so confusing... at least at the start.

During the pre-show, the cast all promised that we would see different sides of their characters this season, but I never expected so much to be different during "In Memoriam". Without Bo, Kenzi was the hot detective that everyone was hitting on, and that everyone looked to for help. Kenzi even had a few powers of her own, albeit costly ones. It was like everything that Kenzi had hoped for during the past seasons had finally come true. I would like to know how she supposedly got caught up in all their messes, though. If Bo didn't exist, how did she learn about the Fae?

Even Dyson was a different wolf than he used to be. Somehow, without Bo, he lost his badge and, apparently, spent most of his time helping Kenzi and tracking down Tamsin, who apparently has been MIA since the cliff.

Who knew these two would be this close without Bo's influence.

But while some things changed, many still, somehow, remained the same. Vex was still a colourful bad-ass in leather (although a bit braver than I remember), Trick still fell in love (and apparently fell out of it) and is still managing his tavern, the good doctor still betrayed everyone (thus she is in hiding), and Hale was still once the Ash who was unceremoniously removed from power. I guess with Bo gone, most of the key moments were with Kenzi saving the day instead Bo... somehow.

The way everything was different, yet the same, made the plot feel fresh and new for the series, and made me wish the premiere was longer to show us what other ways the series would have changed without the succubus. It also demonstrated why, if Lost Girl does end in the near future (hopefully it doesn't), that they should make a Kenzi spin-off.

The addition of George Takei also made the premiere feel so much more special, even if his role could should have been a bit larger. I'm sure there will be plenty of jokes about this long snake thanks to his role, though.

Even though Bo was missing throughout the episode, In Memoriam will still be one of the most memorable Lost Girl episodes. If the future episodes are anything like this one, this fourth season may very well be the best season yet. Let's just hope that Bo doesn't remain a lost girl for too much longer.


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