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Lost Girl: Those Who Wander Review

Dressed for Death

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


I can't believe this was the season finale of Lost Girl already, and what a jaw-dropping season finale it was.

Last week I wasn't shy about voicing my hatred for the mad scientist plot, and while that disgust didn't fade, there was lots of good things that came out of it. No, not just how it ended, although it's ending was satisfying, but the little surprises along the way that built up to the best cliffhanger this series has had yet.

Lauren's involvement in the experiments was startling. We all knew that she disliked being stuck serving the Ash, but how she really felt about it took me by surprise. Thankfully her intension were a lie, although I doubt what she said was. I guess we should have seen this coming, especially after everything she has been put through. She may have made friends while being a prisoner, but she obviously never enjoyed being there. So thanks to Issac destroying her reputation, it is doubtful she will ever be accepted by the Fae again. Whatever she did in the past to get an arrest warrant, her punishment would probably be better than what the Fae will do to her. Is it possible she may return, sure, but things will never be the same.

So with the mad scientist story wrapped up, Tamsin's bounty hunting job got time to shine too, and I couldn't have hoped for a more satisfying outcome. Who doesn't love an epic brawl between friends? The action was intense, as was the taunting, and there was so much more going on behind the blows.

Why didn't the bottle work on Bo? Is it because Bo hasn't been truthful about her feelings, or is it just because they were in conflict? Her love, for example, was shifting constantly this season, so who she loved before could have been different when the bottle was used, and her trust shifts around lots too, so who knows what really happened.

As I expected from Tamsin's actions, this was not going to be a fight that ended with one person losing. I am so glad that even after everything that happened between them, there were able to put their issues aside. Although, I don't understand why Tamsin didn't tell her who her employer was.

Is this the back of death?

Although, all that may change with the arrival of her card daddy. I knew it was him looking for her, but what does this mean for Bo? Everyone obviously fears him, and those who knew didn't even want to tell Bo, so this could visit be bad for Bo? Whatever happens, I doubt Bo will ever be the same. I especially love how they never did show his face, and that Bo is on the Wanderer card now too.

We can't forget about everyone who wasn't caught up in the laboratory mess, especially Kenzi. It appeared that Kenzi was going to be in some serious pain there, but Hale also really pulled through for her, thanks to the invincibility twig he gave to her. That is one very powerful charm! I know Kenzi has been putting a lot of thought in becoming Fae, but with that twig in her possession, does she even need to be? Just keep that with her and slap a new magical branch in her hands and she will be able to fight alongside of her friends without any worries.

Better yet, add in her new friend and most creatures will just turn the other way. I really hope that Bruce sticks around next season; unlike most of the other Fae, he actually seems interested in Kenzi and looks out for her. Will he be a new love interest for her? I think that all depends on what happens with Hale.

Hale didn't just help out Kenzi, but Trick too. I am really glad it was just his men that snagged him as he snuck out, but why they couldn't just tell him instead of letting a trunk of a car best the Blood King? If Trick is going to flee with Stella, are we going to see him again next season? Sure, his role was largely supportive and could be filled by anyone with Fae knowledge, but due to the fans love for Trick, I doubt this will be the last we see of him.

Oh, and Vex's return was awesome, plus our favourite puppet-master has his mojo back! Please make him a regular next season.

With everyone splitting up, some travelling to other countries, and balance between the light and the dark snuffed out, is this the end of the story in this city? Could the next season take Bo on the road with her Wanderer father? I can't wait to see who returns and how everyone gets back together next year. Bring on the next season!

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