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Lost Girl: Hail, Hale Review

Attack of the Geeks

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


After the impression that Hale left last week, I didn't have good feelings about him coming into 'Hail, Hale', but while my feelings for Hale has returned to happy ones, the story we got this week felt like it tore every bit of hope I had for the episode.

When I first learnt that Lauren was actually going to be back this week, I was surprised. I honestly hoped that she was going to find happiness away from the Fae and living the life she always dreamt of, for the rest of the season at least, but instead we are left with a really stupid twist where her new friend being an evil genius, or some other morally corrupt scientist, and is trying to gain the strength of the Fae. Seriously? The writers of this series have created so many intelligent and brave stories with fantastical and evil creatures, but instead they turn to a cheap story that feels as if it belongs in an action movie from the 1980s.

Everything we knew about Lauren suggests that she was cautious, so how could Lauren actually work for a company and create dangerous chemicals without learning more about them? I would think that getting the grand tour would be the first step before showing them how to create anything in the lab. Also, how did she NOT see the giant cages they had outside the facility, which looks very suspicious on its own, when she arrived?

Then there was the staff. If Lauren was new and not part of their experiments, why didn't they keep a better eye on her, or better yet, make sure she didn't get access to their cards? It was if they wanted her to expose them or something. Although, their biggest rookie mistake was failing to remove the labels from the chemicals when they gave them to their inside man. I would think that any organization like theirs would ensure not to leave a breadcrumb behind, especially since they did so well with all the other Fae, only to make a rookie mistake like now... unless they wanted to incriminate Lauren, which is a little difficult to do when she's their captive.

At least Dyson's fight was adrenaline filled and very well done. Normally wounds are covered with clothing, to save on make-up, so having both of them taking realistic looking wounds on bare skin was very impressive. (I am sure the ladies liked the scene too, but for other reasons.) It was also nice to see that those wounds stayed in later scenes, too, as they made the fight feel more meaningful, since it had no real purpose otherwise.

They aren't really fighting, they are just checking each other's teeth for cavities.

As if the unrealistic human lab wasn't bad enough, the Fae were also bordering on moronic. Seriously, how in the hell can any group of leaders be as stupid, forgetful and panicky as the Fae elders were? They actually decided to execute people who were their friends, allies and saviours, just because of some unknown enemy infiltrated their ranks somehow. This all being part of Lauren's plight was even worse.

The use of the word terrorist is also very ignorant. It seems like everyone is throwing that term around freely lately, regardless of the reasons. Before we know it there will be no such thing as criminals, instead they will be all call terrorists. Just stop it! Do the world a favour and scratch that word out of your vocabulary until you know the meaning. Was there a political message being spun from their deeds? Was there proof that they were trying to invoke panic amongst the Fae? Are they trying to gain the support of anyone? No, no and no. They are just criminals, murders, and kidnappers who are trying to gain power. There were no terrorists here.

So, because of the ignorance of Evony, the Fae are now the bad guys, and no better than the foolish humans who caused this mess. Why couldn't this be caused by some military group who actually wanted to subjugate or wipe out the Fae? If something like that would have happened this entire story would have been completely acceptable, but instead we have an all out war on humanity with no real reason.

What happened to the kick-ass story they were building with Tamsin and the Wanderer? That sounded like a great story that would define the characters for the future, but instead that has been pushed aside, likely for next season. I just hope Bo kicks everyone's ass next week to rid us of this awful storyline as soon as possible, since if it ends with a cliffhanger related to it, the next season will be tarnished by this crap-fest too.

On the bright side, yes there actually was one, Hale did turn around this week and showed that he does still have a kind heart, despite the show he was giving earlier. Better yet, he admitted his love for Kenzi... kinda. I wonder if the object he gave her is the protection charm that Dyson gave him? It would be a shame if something happened to her.

What's wrong with two friends in the same bath tub?

I also enjoyed the scenes with Bo and Tamsin, which were by far the best parts of the entire episode. It might have something to do with it being the only parts that followed the story I cared about, but I also found it was, other than Hale and Kenzi's brief scene, the only real time we got to see any character building. Tamsin's character is so very different from the others since she is the only noble dark Fae that we have met, and while she has her ulterior motives, they aren't really hers so she is fighting them as much as she can. If there is any part of this episode that made it worth watching, it was their time together.

Trick's secret exit was amusing, until men in black suddenly arrived? Really, there was no reason for that whatsoever and just attempts to add extra drama when it wasn't needed or asked for. I hope that it is just some new ally forcing a meeting that will benefit everyone next week since I can't see any other reason why someone would capture him.

After such an incredible season, I can't believe how much of this episode I disliked. I hope that this nightmare of a story ends very early in the finale and we get something much more satisfying to lead us into the next year. Perhaps Bo can go all Super Succubus and feed off all the evil humans, then all the Fae elders, including the Morrigan, leaving the good guys to pick up the pieces and rebuild the Fae society into one which Humans and Fae co-exist in unstable equality next year... Actually that sounds like a good way to end the series, so maybe not quite yet.

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