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Lost Girl: Adventures in Fae-bysitting Review

The Evocation of Duppy

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


I'm sure most fans of Lost Girl have watched the cheesy horror flicks and magically infused tales about witches, so we all know that they rarely end well, especially when they are combined. Thankfully, 'Adventures in Fae-bysititting' hit all the right spots, and gave us some super sweet surprises along the way, even if it still left us in tears at the end.

The main story was a bit of Psycho, mixed with Witches of Eastwick, and a splash of Adventure in Babysitting. It was cheesy, it was fun, it had wicked magic, spoilt brats, and a story about Super Kenz; so much to love. My favourite part of it all was that it manged to keep you guessing. There were several moments were we finally thought we knew who needed to be slapped around, only to be spun around at a merry-go-round. Normally the Fae of the week is something for us to hate, so getting a nice one for a change was a treat too.

While Bo and Kenzi were on their case, Dyson and Tamsin had their own, and it one that will likely set the scene for the next episodes. While the writers could have easily created a new story to base it on, using past events this season to tie everything together was a great idea, and really shows how well this season's episodes have fit together. Now comes the big case to find out who and why all of this is happening. Could it have something to do with Bo, her father, some random baddie or perhaps another Garuda, or could it have something to do with what Tamsin is mixed up in? So many possibilities, and it could be any, or all of them.

I know many fans want to hate Tamsin for what she did last week, but what she was putting herself through only further vindicates her decisions. She obviously feels terrible for what she did, and even has tried to warn Dyson about it, so I doubt Tamsin is going to turn Bo over willingly. Who knows though, if it is Bo's daddy just trying to find his daughter, she may find that it is exactly what Bo wants.

That's right, Bo now wants to find her papa. Is this because of the hair collection Tamsin did? I think the voice at the merry-go-round was probably related to it, but she was already heading that way anyway due to her visions during the Dawning Ceremony, so this family reunion just got bumped up in priority. Let us just hope that, what ever the outcome of this is, the Bo we love doesn't get lost in the process. We all would love to see her get more bad ass, in power, not personality.

Any more bad ass and we might think she's crazy or something...

Then there is the really sad part. Lauren's story was something I knew was coming for a few weeks now, even though we didn't really want it to happen. Part of me really feels proud for Lauren, or should I say Karen, but most of me is crying for her to come back. That's right, she's gone. Who knows though, she could just be captured and in need of a rescue next week, but that feels like a long shot. Will we ever see her again, I really hope so, but we may have to be prepared if she doesn't.

Although, did we ever really know her? Was everything we have come of love in this character for the past years all been a lie? This Karen Beattie is obviously wanted on some very serious charges, so what did she do? It is so hard to imagine that the sweet and loving doctor doing anything to warrant and international warrant!.

Regardless of what she did, I don't think the almighty Ash needed to be so damn cold. It was almost like we lost Hale too. We haven't seen this man for almost this entire season, but now he has changed from the funny and friendly cop to a power hungry ash-hole! I know Trick told him he had to take his responsibilities seriously, but I doubt he wanted him to turn into the type of Ash that everyone hates. I can only imagine what everyone else will do when they find out what he has become.

Only two episodes left this season, and it only feels like it is just beginning. We should all be prepared for big changes and surprises, but I think that should be expected every week.

Oh, and for all the Doccubus fans, once again, no hate mail to the writers. Please!

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